5 Ways to Make Passive Income up to $1000

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5 Ways to Make Passive Income up to $1000

Friends, today we have brought 5 Passive Income Ideas for you. Which you have hardly heard about before. Along with this, how can you learn them online, how with the help of them you can easily earn up to $ 1000. You must have heard that apart from our job or income source, it is very important to have our own passive income source. Through which we can earn extra money.

5 Ways to Make Passive Income up to $1000

You must have known about many passive income ideas, but today we have brought some new ideas for you, with the help of which you can earn $ 1000 in India sitting at home. These are useful for all, then you are 20 years old or a student. Teens, College Students, Artists or do any kind of job or you have any business. All of you need to have an Extra Income Source or Side Hustle. With which you can earn money sitting at home without working on them daily and the best thing is you can do them along with your studies, jobs.

In Passive Income, you do not have to work daily as in Active Income. Once you leave the work, you will continue to earn income from there. If you see it in the life around you, then when a house is given on rent. Your hard work was taken only once, but now if someone takes it on rent, then you will keep getting money every month without any hard work. Similarly, you can earn up to $ 1000 in India by working hard once online. So let’s know about those 5 ideas and how you can learn them online for help, we are going to talk in detail about this, so read it completely.

1. Public Domain Books / Writing a Book

If you like to read or write books or you know a little about books, then you must have known about Think and Grow Rich, it is a very wonderful book. By reading many concepts have emerged such as the subconscious mind, mental philosophy, power of belief, etc. Now you must be thinking that why are we talking about this book because there are many other very popular books.

There are Best Seller Books which are in the public domain, that means by making some changes in these books or if you want to add a topic to it, then you can add and sell them online and you can earn money, it is absolutely legal. . These books have authors but they are on the public domain. So that you can easily add changes or concepts to them. Then you can also sell them online, whenever someone buys or downloads them, you will earn.

Talking about Think and Grow Rich, you can see its rating and sale on Amazon. You will get an idea of ​​how much you can earn per sale by changing its concept. Not only this book, but you can also see the website of FreeBook.com. Where you will get the option of a public domain book from where you can check which book is in the public domain. Talking about some popular books, there are many Hindi and English books which you can use, including stories of Munshi Premchand, Money Getting, Public Speaking for Success, etc.

How To Earn Money From Public Domain Books?

 You can publish the book on Amazon  Kindle Direct Publishing by downloading public domain books from the FreeBooks website, making some changes to these books, or adding your concept. Here you can change books in 3 ways Translated, Annotated, and Illustrated so that you can earn money for every download for a lifetimeYou can earn from 30% to 70% on every download according to your price.

How to do Public Domain Books Writing?

You can download the books in PDF files and convert them into Word files so that you can easily convert them. You have to add additional content to its content along with the cover of the books, such as can explain Literary Critics well.

You can publish detailed biographies, and historical references, convert them into Study Guides or add some concepts and then convert them to PDF and publish them on Amazon Kindle.

But anyone can do this easily, so you have to do something different. Or you can create your own EBook on a concept about which you know in much detail or you can even convert it into EBook and publish it on Amazon Kindle, Payhip, Google Play Store’s PlayBook. If you write 2 or 3 quality eBooks and you get a lot of experience. So you can also provide an E-Book Writing service on Fiverr and can easily earn more than $ 1000.

2. Content Creation on Social Media

In Content Creation, you can have so many options that you cannot even think of. In this, the whole online world in front of you, from whom you are your Brand, Company, Fans, Money, Name, there is no such thing. Which you can not get from online content creation, now there is a need to create evergreen content, in which you have to work very hard and it will always give you passive income, by generating a side hustle. Somewhere it makes you make more money than your main income. For this, you can earn more than $ 1000 by working on these online platforms for the best passive income..

Valuable content

There are many sources from which Google Ads, Sponsor, Affiliate Marketing, through which you do not matter if you are a Student, College Student, Teens, doing any kind of job or if you are 20 years old or 50 years old. You can earn your passive income online. You will have to give your dedication in this from 6 months to 1 or 2 years in the beginning.

So that you can make a successful passive income. For a good passive income, you have to work on these skills, in which there should be a little understanding of Video Editing, Public Speaking, Copywriting, Presentation Skill, Basic Digital Marketing, Basic Graphic Design or you can become an expert in it. And if you do not want to do all this, then you can make videos of the skills you know and post them on YouTube.

3. Create a Course

All of you are experts in some skill or talent, even if you are not. So you can teach it and make a Paid Course for others and publish your course by,

You will have to work hard only once in making the course, you will have to go into the details of things, only then your course will be valuable for others, people will like to buy it. So that whenever someone buys it, your earnings will continue.

If you want, you can make your course in Hindi or English and publish it on Udemy. With this, you will earn from 50% to 70% without any hard work and if you want to earn more money. So you can promote your course yourself. And if you post your course on SkillShare then you get money according to watch time which can easily earn $ 1000. As long as there are learners, you will continue to have passive income.

4. Investing in Stock

Investing in Stock is a very good and easy way of Passive Income, Side Hustle, from which you can earn more than $ 1000 without any hard work, but for this, you need to have an understanding of the Stock Market, otherwise, you will lose all your money. You can also lose money. You can also settle one crore, husband, through the stock market, just need to understand, for this, you can take good information about the online stock market and make your future. If you are looking for a Professional Passive Income Source then this is the best you can do the type of investing in the stock market such as,

  1. Large Cap Mutual Fund
  2. Debt Mutual Funds
  3. International Mutual Funds
  4. blue-chip stock
  5. US Stock
  6. Multi-Cap Mutual Funds
  7. SIP

You can make your passive income by increasing your understanding and knowledge of anyone. You must have heard about all the people who have become Millionaire and billionaires through the stock market, if you do not want to do so much, then you can make a good income from the stock market.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has always been a popular way to earn money online and to make passive income, you will have to work hard for this only once, then you will keep earning income. There are also many types of this which you can learn online on any platform or you can also take a course.

Through which you can create your own blog and provide affiliate links for people from there and earn your commission on each of the products, here you will be earning according to the cost of the products if they are more expensive. So you will also get more money, for this, you can, Click Bank, Walmart, eBay, etc. Many platforms for affiliate marketing, all you have to do is provide information and links to products on your blog and you will have a great passive income or side. Hustle would earn more than $1000.


Hope you have our today’s information in which we have tried to give you information about the 5 Best Passive Income Ideas to Earn $ 1000. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, then you can tell us in the comment. 

What is Open Source Software and its Benefits


What is Open Source Software and its Benefits

When it comes to downloading Software, then almost all of us look for Free software the most on the Internet. While doing this, we also go many free software miles, but do you know that most of these free software is only open source software so that we can easily download them for free.

Now you must be thinking that why would someone give their own made software to download for free, why they do not charge money for it etc. If such questions are also arising in your mind, then you must read this article about what is open source software and how it works. Here you will get a lot of information related to Open Source software.

By the way, these open source software are generally free software that you can use in your work. Open-source developers make them deliberately, were to make their source code publicly available so that other people can benefit from it.

They publish them with an open-source license – which means that other developers can also see your code and add something to it. For example, Open Office, Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, while the GNU / Linux operating system and its derivative Android, an operating system that is used in mobile devices.

If you want to know more about open source software then you have to read this article completely. I hope you are going to get a lot of knowledge in the end. Which you might not find anywhere else on the Internet in Hindi. So without delay let’s start.

what is open source software?

What is Open Source Software and its Benefits

Open-source software (OSS) is called software whose source code is completely viewable and changeable by the public. Saying this, it is open. Whereas when the source code is not viewable and changeable by the public, then such software is called closed or proprietary software.

Note  Source code is called the behind-the-scenes programming part of any software that users usually cannot see. All those instructions and instructions are laid out in the source code, how the software works and how all the features of the software work. The access to the source code is only with the developers.

Changes and modifications can be done very easily in this free software based on the users’ preferences. Users have freedom so that they can modify, change, and even share their source code. But all these things happen only under a license agreement for a user or a particular organization.

open-source software list

Here you will find a list of all popular open-source operating systems as well as examples of completely open-source software. source ]

MinGWMozilla FirefoxMozilla Thunderbird
SpamAssassinSubversionSugar on a Stick

Characteristics of open source software

There are also some characteristics of these free software that are very important to know.

Distribution can be done freely. Its source code is completely accessible, while the source code can be modified by anyone and these modifications can also be distributed to others.

These open-source software are mostly evolved via the support of the community and based on the development strategy adopted by them. In return, they help to improve the quality of the software, and active participation of these communities is also highly encouraged.

Companies that used to promote proprietary software are now adopting these open source software because of their having so many features. For example, the UNIX kernel is most commonly used in open source projects.

The meaning of open source software

Open Source Software (OSS) is software that is distributed along with source code that any user can read or modify.

The OSS community generally agrees to open-source software that adheres to the following criteria:

  • This program can be distributed freely.
  • Source code has to be included in the program.
  • Anyone should be able to modify its source code.
  • Whereas modified versions of the source code also have to be redistributed.

Whereas an open-source software license should not interfere with the operation of any other software.

Where traditional software is distributed in an unchangeable compiled format, open-source software is delivered in both compiled and non-compiled formats, making it available for open code modification.

Whereas under a traditional software license, these privileges are reserved only for copyright holders.

How does open-source software work?

Viewed from a business user perspective, open-source software works much like proprietary software systems that are provided by commercial software firms.

The biggest difference in this is that generally, you do not have to pay any money for it. At the same time, there are some other differences in this – as users using this open-source software are effectively co-developers, while they are also suggesting new ways to improve them and also to remove bugs. also, help.

This means that if you want, you can modify it according to your needs, you can also port them to other new operating systems and also share with others.

What is the difference between open-source software and other types of software?

In some software, only a few people, teams, or organizations that have created them have control over the source code — and they also maintain their exclusive control — can modify them. Such type of software is called ” proprietary ” or ” closed source ” software.

In this, only the original developers of this proprietary software can legally copy, inspect, and modify this software. Whereas, to use this proprietary software, computer users have to agree to its rules and regulations (usually you see this while installing the software when you run it for the first time), whereas users with it only You can do only as much as the software creators are allowed to do.

For example, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are such proprietary software.

Whereas open source software is very different. Their authors make their source code available to everyone so that anyone can view them, copy them, modify them according to their own. For example, LibreOffice and GNU Image Manipulation Program are open-source software.

Is open-source software important only to computer programmers?

The simple answer to this is no. Both open source technology and open source thinking are very useful for programmers and non-programmers.

Since earlier inventors have mostly used open source technologies to build the Internet—such as the Linux Operating System and Apache Web server applications—any user who is using the Internet can only use these open-source software. It is for your benefit.

Whenever a user views web pages, checks email, chats with friends, streams music online, or plays multiplayer video games on their computers, mobile phones, or gaming consoles, then When it connects to computers on a global network, it is unknowingly using correct but open-source software to route and transmit data to its “local” devices.

This makes it clear that open-source software is not only used by programmers but also by all other people. They are all around us and we are using them unknowingly.

What are the licenses for open-source software?

Although many licenses are used in these open-source projects, it depends on which developers are preferring more for their programs.

The GPL, or GNU (General Public License), is most commonly used in many open-source projects, such as Linux. Along with the definition of open-source mentioned above, the terms of the GPL clearly specify that, if someone modifies an open-source program and also distributes a derivative work, then they should be accompanied by it. The source code also has to be distributed.

Understand this in easy language, then if any person creates a closed-source program using any open-source code, they also have to return it to the community after releasing that modified version. Otherwise, he may not get a penalty for it.

At the same time, there are some other licenses as well, such as the BSD license, which put very few restrictions on the developers. If a program comes under the BSD license, then it can use the source code of any open source program and prepare the software according to it.

In this, there is no need for them to release this modified version. Developers like this license more because it gives them so many discounts.

Why do people prefer to use open-source software?

Most people prefer open-source software to proprietary software because there are many reasons for this, about which we are going to know further:


Compared to Proprietary software, people have more control over this open-source software. Here they can examine the code themselves, while according to their needs, they can also make modifications to it. Whereas non-programmers can also use them according to their own.


Other people like them becabecome better programmers by using them. Since their source codes are publicly accessible, students can easily read them and learn a lot from them and make better software.

At the same time, students can also share their modified work with others so that they can know their point of view so that they can increase their developing skills.


Some people like this software because they find it more secure than proprietary software. Updates keep coming in it from time to time, where its errors are published properly. That’s why they like it more.


Most users prefer to use this software for their important long-term projectsThis is because by doing this they do not have to worry about the source code of their software.

Because in cases of proprietary software, if the original creator ever stops working, then they may have a lot of trouble with it in the future. Whereas open source software works, both incorporates and operates according to open standards.

Does “open source” only mean free of charge?

The answer is absolute no. This is a very common misconception about “ open source ”, here it is not only about money.

Open-source software programmers can also charge money for this open-source software that they have created or contributed to.

But in most cases, to get an open-source license, they also have to release its source code in many places when they think of selling it. Whereas some programmers feel that they can get more money for their software services and support, and not just for the software. That’s why they make their software free most of the time while helping people by troubleshooting their problems.

Benefits of open-source software

So let’s know about the benefits of Open Source software.

OSS allows programmers to collaborate together so that they can improve the software. For which they fix the errors in it which are in the code (bug fixes), along with they also update the software so that they can work in new technology. Apart from this, they are also helpful in developing new features in it.

With this group collaboration approach, new features in these open source projects also come very quickly and are released very frequently.

This software is very stable so that more programmers can find its errors, and its security updates can also be implemented better than other proprietary software programs.

OSS is often free. But in some cases, you also have to pay extra costs for these software programs for technical support and some services.

Advantages of open source software

Let us know about the advantages of Open Source Software.

1. They are generally free – It has been estimated that these open-source software collectively save businesses that are valued at about $60 billion a year. In today’s time, you can easily get an open-source version of each paid proprietary software system instead.

2. They are constantly evolving in real-time because developers keep adding and modifying many things in them, which means that it is of better quality and is also more secure, while there is a possibility of having bugs in them. The possibilities are very less compared to proprietary systems.

3. Using these open-source software also shows that you are not restricted to using the systems of any particular vendor which works only on their devices.

4. You can also modify and adapt this software according to your requirements, which may not be possible with proprietary systems.

Disadvantages of open source software

Now let’s know about the disadvantages of Open Source Software.

1. Since there are no requirements in this to make it a commercial product so that money can be generated, open-source software develops more according to its own and not according to the requirements of the users.

2. This is the reason that they are very less ” user-friendly “because not much importance is given to its user interface.

3. In these, support is often negligible. Due to this if there is any problem then you have to depend on their forum and community to get the solution to that problem. Which can be a bit irritating.

4. Although these open source software are mostly free in themselves, some indirect costs are also involved in them, as you may have to pay for external support.

5. Due to being an open system, many people are involved in it, which helps a lot in finding its bugs. At the same time, some people can also misuse these vulnerabilities (weaknesses) of the software.

6. Since Open Source Software is not very user-friendly, you also need to have some technical knowledge to understand and use them properly. Otherwise, you may have to depend on others for even basic functionalities.

Who is called the father of open source software?

Richard Stallman is called the father of Open Source software or Free Software. This is because he was the first to develop free software in 1984.

what did you learn today?

I hope that you must have liked my article What is Open Source Software (What is Open Source Software in Hindi). It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the open-source software list to the readers so that they do not have to search any other sites or the internet in the context of that article. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

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What is an operating system, its functions, list and examples

What is an operating system, its functions, list, and examples

 Operating System (OS) is software that acts as an interface between computer hardware components and the user. In fact, you can call it a medium through which different parts of the user and computer can interact with each other.

The operating system is also called system software. Most people also call it “OS” by short name. It is also called the heart of the computer, the operating system is the system software, which acts as an interface between the user and the computer hardware.

Let me explain this sentence directly, whenever you run the computer, then only this OS gives you the means to use the computer. Like you listen to a song by clicking on a .mp3 file, double-clicking on a word document, opening three or four windows, writing something on the keyboard, saving some files on the computer, etc. So you can never do all this without Operating System.


What is meant by the operating system?

Operating System is software with the help of which you run your computer. Therefore, whenever you buy a new computer, you first get Windows 8 or Windows 10 loaded in it from the shopkeeper. And after that, you take the computer or your laptop to your home. Otherwise, without an operating system, you can never even turn on your computer.

It is also a question that why is it called System Software. If you want to run User Software means Application Software in the computer, then they can never run without OS.

This OS helps in using Computer Hardware well. The operating system mainly does the same thing like taking some input from the keyboard, processing the instruction, and sending the output to the computer screen.

You see this operating system only when you turn on the computer and when you turn off the computer. You live inside a computer like Game, MS word, Adobe Reader, VLC media player, Photoshop and many more software, to run them, we need a program or big software which we call Operating System.

The name of the OS used in mobile is Android, which everyone knows. You must have come to know what is Operating System, so let’s know about some of its functions.

examples of operating systems

Different operating systems are used for different tasks. Here I have shared the operating system list, which most people like to use.

All these are examples of very big operating systems. Although there are not many differences in them, most people know them by these names.

operating system functions

Although the computer does a lot of work, first of all, when you turn on the computer, then the operating system is first loaded into the main memory means RAM and after that, what hardware does this user software need from which hardware it allocates. Below are the different functions of the OS, know more about them in detail.

1. Memory Management

Memory Management means managing primary and secondary memory. Main memory means RAM is a very large array of Bytes.

Meaning there are many small slots in memory where we can keep some data. Where there is an address of each branch. Main memory is the fastest memory that is used by CPU Direct. Because all the programs that the CPU runs are in the main memory only.

Operating System does all these things.

  • What part of Main Memory will be used, which will not, how much will be there, how much will not be.
  • In multiprocessing, the OS decides which process will be given memory and to whom how much will be given.
  • When the process asks for memory, it gives it to the memory OS (Process means a task or a small task that is done inside the computer).
  • When the process finishes its work, the OS takes back its memory.

2. Processor Management (Process Scheduling)

When it comes to the multiprogramming environment, the OS decides which process will get the processor who will not get it, and for how long.

This process is called Process Scheduling. Operating System does all this work.

  • The Operating System also sees that the Processor is empty or is doing some work, or is free and the Process has finished its work or not. If you want, you can see in Task Manager how many tasks are going on and how many are not. The program that gets all this work done, its name is Traffic Controller.
  • The CPU allocates the process.
  • When the work of one process is over, then it engages the processor in another work and frees the processor when nothing is working.

3. Device Management

Drivers are used in your computer, you must know that such as Sound Driver, Bluetooth Driver, Graphics Driver, WiFi Driver but they help to run different Input / Output Device, but these Drivers OS runs.

So let’s see what else this OS does.

  • Tracks all computer devices and the name of the program that gets this task done is I/O Controller.
  • Just like different processes need devices to perform some tasks, the OS also does the work of device allocation. Let’s take an example, if a process has to do some tasks like playing video, not taking out print, then both these tasks will be done with the help of output device monitor, printer. So when both these devices have to be given to the process OS does this work.
  • When the work of the process is over, then it deallocates the device back.

4. File Management

A lot of directories are kept organized in one file. Because with this we can easily find the data. So let’s know what is the work of OS in File Management.

  • Keeps information, location and status organized. All this sees the file system.
  • Who will get which resource?
  • Resource De-allocate is to be done.

5. Security

When you turn on your computer, it asks you for that password, this means that the OS prevents your system from Unauthenticated Access. This keeps your computer safe. And you cannot open some programs without a password.

6. View System Performance

It sees the performance of the computer and improves the system. The OS keeps records of how long it takes to deliver a service.

7. Reporting Error

If a lot of errors are coming into the system, then the OS detects and recovers them.

8. Creating synergy between the software and the user

  • Assigns the task to the compiler, interpreter, and assembler. Connects different software with the user, so that the user uses the software well.
  • Provides communication between User and System.
  • The Operating System is stored in the BIOS. Everything else also makes the application user-friendly.

Features of operating system

Now let us know what are the features of the operating system:-

  • An Operating System is a collection of many programs, which run other programs.
  • It controls all the input/output devices.
  • The operating system is responsible for running all the application software.
  • The work of Process Scheduling means allocating and deallocating the process.
  • Informs you about the errors and threats happening in the system.
  • Establishes good coordination between User and Computer Programs.

By now you all must have come to know what the Operating System does ( Function of Operating System in Hindi ), so let us now know how many types of OS are there.

Types of Operating System – Types Of Operating System 

Technology is changing day by day and everything is changing with it, so the use of the operating system is increasing in every field like railways, research, satellite, industry, so know how many types of operating systems are there.

  1.  Batch Operating System
  2.  Simple Batch Operating System
  3.  Multiprogramming Batch Operating System
  4.  Network Operating System
  5.  Multiprocessor Operating System
  6.  Distributed Operating System
  7. Time-Sharing Operating System
  8.  Real-Time Operating System

1. Batch Processing Operating System

Batch processing operating systems were brought in only to overcome the problems of the earlier times. If we talk about the earlier systems, then it used to take more setup time.
At the same time, this much setup time has been reduced in this batch processing system where jobs are processed in batches. At the same time, this type of operating system is called a batch processing operating system in Hindi.

In this, any similar jobs are submitted to the CPU for processing and they are run simultaneously.

The main function of the Batch Processing System is that they execute the jobs automatically in batch. The most important thing that does this work is the ‘Batch Monitor’ which is located in the low-end of the main memory.

i) Simple Batch System

This is the oldest system in which there was no direct interaction between the user and the computer. In this system, the user had to bring the task or job to a storage unit to process it and submit it to the computer operator.

In this, all the jobs were given to the computer in a batch or line. Within a few days or within a few months, that job was processed and an output device had an output store. This system was used to process jobs in batch, hence its name was also called batch mode operating system.

ii) MultiProgramming Batch Systems

In this operating system, a job was picked up from memory and executed. The OS keeps on processing a job, if the job needs I/O at the same time, then the OS gives the second job to the CPU and I/O to the first one, because of this, the CPU is always busy.

The number of jobs in the memory is always less than the number of jobs in the disk. If a lot of jobs remain in the line, then the operating system decides which job will be processed first. CPU never remains idle in this OS.

The Time-Sharing system is also a part of the Multiprogramming system. Response time is very less in Time-Sharing System but CPU usage is more in Multi Programming.

  • There is no direct interaction between the User and the Computer.
  • The job that comes first is the first process, so the user had to wait longer.

2. Network Operating System

Its abbreviation is NOS, the full form of NOS is ” Network Operating System “. This network operating system provides its services to those computers which are connected to a network.

If they are given examples, then they include shared file access, shared applications, and printing capabilities.

NOS is a type of software that allows multiple computers to communicate simultaneously, to share files, and also with other hardware devices.

The earlier Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems were not designed for single computer usage and network usage. But as computer networks started growing slowly and their use also increased, such operating systems also started developing.

There are mainly two types of a NOS (Network Operating System):-
Peer-to-peer (P2P) OS, which is installed on every computer. On the other hand, there is a client-server model, in which one machine has a server and the other has the client software installed.

Types of Network Operating System

Talking about the types of Network Operating Systems, then they are mainly of two basic types, peer-to-peer NOS and client/server NOS:

1. Peer-to-peer network operating systems allow users to share network resources that are saved in a common, accessible network location. In this architecture, all devices are treated equally according to functionality.

Peer-to-peer works best on small to medium LANs, plus they are also very cheap to set up.

2. Client/server network operating systems provide users to access all the resources through a server. In its architecture, all functions and applications are unified under a single file server that can be used by individual client actions to execute them, even in any physical location.

Client/server is very difficult to install, while it requires a high amount of technical maintenance. Moreover, it also costs more.

Its biggest advantage is that the network is controlled centrally so that any changes can be made easily, while additional technology can also be incorporated.

We can represent a network operating system as a basic OS that runs on a network device, such as a router or firewall.

3. Multiprocessor System

In a multiprocessor system, many processors use a common physical memory. Computing power is very fast. All these processors work under one operating system. Here are some of its advantages below


  • The speed is very high because Multiprocessor is used.
  • If many tasks are processed simultaneously, therefore the system throughput increases here. This means, how many job processes can be done in a second.
  • In this OS, the task is divided into sub-tasks, and each sub-task is given to a different processor, especially because of this, a task is completed in a very short time.

4. Distributed Operating System

The only purpose of using Distributed Operating System is that the world has a powerful OS and microprocessors have become very cheap, as well as communication technology has improved a lot.

Due to this advancement, now Distributed OS was made, whose price is very cheap and keeps them far-away computers blocked through the network. Which in itself is a great achievement.


  • All the resources that are far away can be used easily, which resources do not remain empty.
  • Processing is faster with them.
  • The load is less on the host machine because the load gets distributed.

5. Time Sharing Operating System

In this, some time is provided by the OS to complete each task correctly, so that each task can be completed correctly. At the same time, every user uses a single system in which time is given to the CPU. This type of system is also called a multitasking system.

At the same time, whatever task is done in it, it can either be done by a single user or it can also be done by the multi-user.

The amount of time it takes to complete each task is called quantum. At the same time, only after completing each task, the OS again starts the next task.


Let us know about the advantages of the time-sharing operating system.

  • In this, the OS is given an equal opportunity to complete each task.
  • It is not an easy task to have duplicity of software in this. which is equal to.
  • CPU idle time can be reduced easily in this.


Let us know about the disadvantages of the time-sharing operating system.

  • The issue of reliability is seen more in this.
  • In this, the security and integrity of everything have to be taken care of.
  • The issue of data communication is a common problem in this.

Examples of the time-sharing operating system are:- Unix

6. Real-Time Operating System

This is the most Advance Operating System, which does real-time processing, which means while leaving the missile, railway ticket booking, satellite, if everything is delayed even by a second, then this operating system does not remain idle at all.

These are of two types,

1. Hard Real-Time Operating System

This is the operating system, within which time is given to complete the task, the work gets completed within that time.

2. Soft Real-Time

In Soft Real-Time, the punctuality would have been a little less, what happens if a task is running and another task arrives at the same time, then the new task is given first priority. This was some information on Types Of Operating systems in Hindi. Before this, you have known what is Operating System.

What is Client Operating System?

A computer desktop is a standalone computer processing unit. They are designed to perform automation tasks for people. A desktop computer is very unique because it does not require any networks or external components to operate.

This client operating system is mostly used in computer desktops or portable devices. This operating system is typically different from centralized servers because it supports only one user.

Smartphones and small computer devices use the client operating system. This operating system manages the components of the device, which include printers, monitors, and camerasEach computer typically has a specific operating system.

These client operating systems provide multiprocessing power that too at a very minimal cost. Client Operating Systems come under Windows®, Linux®, Mac®, and Android®.

Each operating system is designed to perform some specific function on specific hardware. This hardware compatibility is the most primary consideration based on which an operating system is selected for client computers.

For example, Windows ® is most commonly used in recent times as a client operating system.

Which software is an operating system?

An operating system is system software.

What is another name for an operating system?

OS is another name of the operating system.

Which is an example of a mobile operating system?

Android, iOS, Windows Mobile और Symbian.

What did you learn today?

So friends today’s information is very important. So it is more important for a particular student. Now if this question comes in the exam, what is the operating system and the functions of the operating system, then you can easily answer it.

By the way, according to me, the OS is bringing new features very fast, like talking about Windows 10 itself.

Because in the beginning it was told that OS is the heart of the computer. If you want to ask any question, then definitely write in the comment box below and if you want to give any suggestion, then definitely give it. If you have not subscribed to our blog yet, then definitely subscribe.

What is MotherBoard and how does it work?

What is MotherBoard and how does it work?

The motherboard is the main printed circuit board (PCB)  of a computer. Saying this, you can also call the motherboard the central communications backbone connectivity point of the computer, through which all the components and external peripherals are connected or connected.

You must have seen that a device that connects all the equipment, which keeps all the components connected together, it is called Motherboard. The motherboard allows all parts of a computer to receive power and communicate with each other.

But nowadays there have been many changes in the motherboard, in which many features have been added, due to which the capabilities of the computer and its ability to upgrade have increased to a great extent. Today we will learn about this topic, what is Motherboard and how it works. Then what’s the delay, let’s start.

Motherboard क्या है (What is Motherboard )

The motherboard is the backbone of any computer, it is such a link that all the components are connected to each other as if it is working as a hub, through which other devices of the computer are connected. They come in different formations according to the needs of a user so that they can fit in their needs, budget, and speeds.

What is MotherBoard and how does it work?

Mainly, it is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board ) that holds the various components of the computer so that the computer can be functional. Components like CPU, RAM, Hard Disk as well as TV Card, Graphics, etc.

Everything is first connected with the MotherBoard. The motherboard itself enables this function that everyone should get proper power supply so that they can do their work properly.

Functions of Motherboard:

Now let’s know what are the different functions of Motherboard:-

  1. Component’s Hub:  Motherboard works like a backbone of any computer in which other parts of the computer like CPU, RAM, and Hard Disk are installed.
  2. Slots for External Peripherals:  Motherboard also acts as a platform so that it provides many expansion slots so that we can install a new device or interface here.
  3. Power Distribution:  With the help of the motherboard, power is supplied to other components of the computer.
  4. Data Flow:  Motherboard works like a communication hub through which all peripherals are connected. Here the Motherboard controls that all the peripherals can communicate properly between themselves. And the motherboard manages the data traffic.
  5. BIOS:  Motherboard holds the Read-Only Memory, which is the BIOS that is needed to boot up the computer. So this shows that the computer starts with the help of the motherboard.

How to Choose MotherBoard

Motherboard alone is of no use, but it is of great importance to operating the computer. Its main job is to hold the microchip of the computer, as well as to connect all the other components together.

All those things that help the computer to run or increase its performance, it is either a part of the motherboard itself or it is connected with any slot or port.

The shape and layout of the motherboard are called the Form Factor. With the help of this form factor, it is decided how the motherboard should be designed. By the way, there are many specific Form Factors, using which standard motherboards of different types are made.

If seen, there are many types of motherboards, such variation is because its design, cases, power supply, and size are made according to the requirement.
A motherboard that a specific manufacturer makes may support a single variety of CPU and some memory. For this reason, the motherboard should be selected with a lot of thought, not all motherboards support all types of components.

That is why choosing the right motherboard is very important. That’s why I have mentioned some important things below so that you can get some idea about it for the right choice.

1. Processors

A very important feature of the motherboard is the socket that holds the CPU. Different boards require different socket connects and not all processor pins are the same. It will be known from this socket itself which model’s processor will be fit in this motherboard.

2. Memory

What type of motherboard are you using, it shows how much amount and which format of RAM you can use. Normally the memory of Boards is limited as to how much amount of RAM they support. But it would be best if you take a board that supports more RAM than you need so that you can upgrade it later.

3. Form Factor

The layout of any motherboard is called Form Factor. This form factor shows where the various components should be placed and it shows the design of the computer. Although there are many standards of Form Factor, it is used according to the requirement of the user.

4. Chipset

A chipset is the middle man of any computer, with the help of which there is a transfer of data inside the computer from one part to another. It is like a spine that connects the microprocessor to other parts of the computer. In a computer it has two parts, one is Northbridge and the other is SouthBridge. All the parts of the computer communicate with the CPU with the help of this chipset.

5. BUS

A bus in a computer means a path by which one component in any circuit connects with another. The speed of any BUS is measured in MegaHertz(MHz). It is known from the speed how much data can pass through that bus. The better the bus, the faster and more data can be transferred, that is why the better calculation

6. Expansions Slots and Connectors

Expansion slots are those hardwired options so that we can add additional components to the motherboard. If you have to upgrade your system in the future then you must think about it. The more you have extra slots, the more components you can attach.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can choose a motherboard. That’s why I request you guys that before buying any motherboard, you should know very well what is your requirement. You should buy anything according to your requirement.

Gradually Motherboard is becoming even better and faster, along with its cost is also decreasing. As the world is changing, the needs of the people are also changing, that is why the shape, size, and speed of the motherboard are all changing. The day is not far when we can make motherboards according to our mind.

what did you learn today?

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is Motherboard (What is Motherboard ) and how it works and I hope you people have understood about the components of this computer.

I request all of you readers that you also share this information in your neighborhood, relatives, your friends so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass on more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me without any hesitation. I will definitely try to solve those doubts. How did you like this article, what is Motherboard and how does it work, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.

How to download Instagram reels videos | Reel video downloader by link

 How to download Instagram reels videos | Reel video downloader by link

How to download Instagram reels videos | Reel video downloader by link

Instagram reels video download by link: download reels from Instagram

Instagram reels video downloading apps: Instagram is a very popular social media platform that people use to share videos and photos, but Instagram has added a new feature which is similar to the features of Tik Tok, on which people Make your short video and put it on it and increase your followers.  

If you also have any skill and you also want to make such short videos, then you can use it if you want to download someone else’s Instagram video and download and share it to someone else or gallery to see. want to store

So how can we download Instagram reels, if you want to know what is the way to download reels videos, then you can easily save Instagram reels through this article of ours.  

In this post, we will also tell you information about Instagram reels video downloader apps.

In this post, we will tell you two easy ways, through both these easy ways you can download Instagram reels through its link, on which we will tell you about the direct online method and the other Instagram reels app download so that Instagram reels videos save can do.

So let’s know how to download Instagram reels videos?

Instagram reels Kaise download kare 

Instagram reel download link

  • Step 1. First of all, open the Instagram app on your mobile.

  • Step 2. After that any Instagram short video you want to download, click on the 3 dots given below that video.  

  • Step 3. After that there will be a copy link option, click on it, after that the reel video link will be copied.

  • Step 4. After this, you have to go to the browser of your mobile, then open the www.w3toys.com site there.

  • Step 5. After that you have to post the link to the Instagram reel video that you copied here, after pasting, you will get the download option there.

By clicking on that download button you can download the Instagram reel video.

There you will get the format option in the format in which you want to download that video, the type of Instagram reel video HD you want to download will be saved in your gallery without a watermark.

In this way, Instagram reels can be downloaded on mobile.

It is very easy to download Instagram reels on mobile, in this way you can save any Instagram reels video very easily.

Instagram reel download karne wala apps

It is also very easy to download Instagram reels through Android apps, you can download videos through the story saver app or Instagram reel saver app.  

So here we are telling you about the best app for insta reel download, through which you can download Instagram short videos very easily.

Instagram reel video downloader apps

1. To download it first go to your mobile’s play store and download the video downloader for an Instagram app then install it.  


2. After installing, copy the link of any reel video you want to download by going to the option given on its 3 dots.  

3. After that the video downloader for the Instagram app has to be opened.

4. After opening the app, that link will be automatically pasted and the option to save that video in the gallery will come.

In this way, you can save the Instagram reel video gallery which you can edit and share on other social media platforms or you can also add your voice video and some new clips and share it on Instagram as well.

What is the way to save Instagram reels in mobile, in this article we have told you this information that what is the best insta reel saver app?  

If you want to download any video from Instagram on your mobile, then you can easily save Instagram short video through Instagram downloader by following these two methods given above.

If you liked this information, then definitely share this article with your friends through social media.

How to use two Whatsapp in one mobile

 How to use two Whatsapp in one mobile

how to use two Whatsapp in one mobile

As we have already told about our previous post on Whatsapp, now people often have this problem that how to keep their personal number and number related to their business or job separately in WhatsApp i.e. our personal number is that of people. Do not share between and our personal number is known only to our family or relative through Whatsapp. So in such a situation, we think that how to run two Whatsapp on one mobile, so let’s know about Ek Mobile Me Do Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye in this post today.

Because we all do not want that our personal number, it gets added among the people through WhatsApp group so that our number is shared everywhere.

how to run two WhatsApp in one mobile how to run two WhatsApp from one number

So for this, the easiest way is through which we can run two WhatsApp from two numbers in our mobile, friends first of all as we know that our mobile phone is mandatory to have an android version and our mobile already has a WhatsApp . should be active and our mobile phone should be of two sims i.e. dual sim on which two different numbers are active.

So now first of all connect your mobile phone to either wifi or internet data. When internet connection is turned on in your mobile phone, then you either go to your play store app or you type parallel space by going to the internet browser then you will open the app in the name of parallel space then you will have install option show then you will see that Download it by clicking on it.

In a few minutes, when the app will be downloaded, now you open the parallel space, then it will first show an option add app and an option will show Control Center through which the setting related option will be shown.

So friends, now you click on the add app option, then show all the social media-related apps on your mobile, so now you select the WhatsApp app and add it to the parallel space, then in a while now your second number for WhatsApp will be ready.

Then just like we had activated our number in our first WhatsApp, in the same way, through adding WhatsApp in parallel space, you complete the registration process by feeding your second number, now your second number is ready, so now share this WhatsApp number with whom Whether you can do it, now it depends on you that which mobile number to give to whom.

What is parallel space? 

Friends, now this question arises in the mind of all of us, what is parallel space, then friends parallel space is a kind of app which is the parallel of all our social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, google plus, WhatsApp. Creates an equivalent app, by which we can activate two accounts simultaneously by creating two apps of all social apps in our mobile phone, so this is not fun and good app, now you can also activate parallel space in your mobile phone. Do two together and enjoy with two accounts of the same app.

Advantages of having two Whatsapp in one mobile

Ek Mobile Me Do Whatsapp Hone Ke Fayde

As we have just been told above that how to activate two Whatsapp numbers on the same mobile, so now let’s talk about what are the benefits of having two numbers of WhatsApp.

Nowadays all of us definitely use mobile phones with two sims, one number which is known to our personal ie people closest to us and the other number which has to be given everywhere when needed in some form or the other, then if both our numbers If active in WhatsApp we can get all the necessary massages from our number because WhatsApp has become so popular nowadays everyone has to give massage to someone, first of all, he sees his Whatsapp number.

By having two WhatsApp numbers in a mobile phone, which is our first number which is added to many groups by people even if they do not want to, then we can keep the second number secure from the reach of the people.

By having two WhatsApp numbers active, if we come to massage related to our business or job, we can give maximum attention to the massage of that number, it often happens when one of our numbers is active in WhatsApp excessive of WhatsApp group We delete all our massages after massaging, due to which the important massages, website links or any other very important massages we receive are inadvertently deleted, due to which we may have to face trouble. To avoid this inconvenience, You can activate two WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

So how did you all like the Ek Mobile Me Do Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye post, please tell me in the comment box.

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Cheapest Bluetooth Speaker ₹200 Low Price List

 Cheapest Bluetooth Speaker ₹200 Low Price List

Cheapest Bluetooth Speaker ₹200 Low Price List

What is a Bluetooth speaker, it is such a mini wireless machine in which just connects your mobile via Bluetooth. And out of this tiny speaker, a big sound will come out, in which one can enjoy music. Even if you have ₹ 200 in your pocket to buy the cheapest Bluetooth speaker, it will work. But can not say anything about the quality of the speaker available on so many nights and how long it will last.

If your budget is in the price range of 500 to 1000, then you can get good quality Bluetooth speakers of branded quality. Battery life, features, design, everything is number one on these speakers. We don’t just want a Sabse sasta Bluetooth speaker, we need the best and cheapest. Understanding this, we have prepared the best low-price list of Bluetooth speakers.

Cheapest Bluetooth speaker

Keeping in mind the budget of ₹ 500, first of all, we will have a look at some of the best Bluetooth speakers at a low price. Then some JBL under 1000 and above will see budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers from companies like Sony.

If the money is less then do not think of buying any product immediately. If possible, wait till some festival offers come. Because in this time you can also buy a product of ₹ 300 for up to ₹ 200.

(1) JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to the best quality Bluetooth speaker, how can we forget JBL? JBL’s cheapest Bluetooth speaker is made by their sub-brand Infinity. But if you want only from the main brand then it is JBL GO, in which it will not be wrong to invest your money.

5Hr battery life

Version 4.1

Wireless range 8m

Google assistant

Loader speaker

Noise-canceling speakerphone

Audio cable input

Taking 1700 rupees and there is also Google Assistant, this is a good thing. But if the boat competes with Stone 200, then this price is high.

(2) Sony SRS-XB12 Sony Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony brand name comes in the best Bluetooth speaker in the world. If you are also a fan of Sony and want to buy a cheaper model of this. So Sony SRS-XB12 can finalize the deal from Amazon for Rs 3590. With great features, you get to see 4 color options and a great design.

10W power output

Google assistant

16Hr long battery

Frequency range 2.4 GHz

Waterproof, Dustproof

Built-in mic

This is the most expensive and best speaker on this list, the price of a Sony Bluetooth speaker remains above 3000.

(3) Generic Mini Bluetooth Speaker

In the market, I saw some types of Bluetooth speakers available at cheap prices. But as much as the generic brand makes it cheap and good, it is not seen anywhere. Currently, their cheapest Mini Bluetooth Speaker is available on Amazon for just ₹ 179. I don’t think Bluetooth speakers will get this deal anywhere else at the rate of ₹ 200.

FM radio

Memory card slot

USB pen drive

AUX input mode

Good earphones are not available at such a price and this brand is offering a mini Bluetooth speaker, which is a big deal.

(4) Saloon Portable Outdoor Speaker

If the budget is around 300, then you can think of taking Saleon Portable Speaker. Most of the customers are giving good reviews after buying. The small size look of the speaker has been liked more by the rechargeable system logo. Talking about the features, it has everything that a normal Bluetooth speaker should have.

Special for outdoor

Perfect stereo sound

Cylinder shape design

Bluetooth calling

All ports & buttons

In festival offers, its rate comes up to 250, if you want, take advantage of those offers.

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(5) Hoatzin Powerpack Audio System

This product has got positive reviews from customers on both Amazon and Flipkart websites. Its look looks very unique, price ₹ 330 and see the specification below.

Stereo audio deep bass

Rechargeable speaker


FM radio support

At the price point of 300, no company is ready to give a warranty. But this model comes with 7 days replacement and 10 days warranty.

(6) Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Ever since the Mi brand came to India, it has tried to make affordable and good products keeping in mind the Indian customers. Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker is value for money in ₹ 899, which has been bought by thousands of people and has given 75% positive reviews. Inbuiltlt mic

6 hrs playback

Phone call function

Effective distance 10m

Clear & natural sound

Most people like to listen to songs by pairing a Bluetooth speaker with their mobile smartphone, this is the best for those people.

(7) Zebronics Zeb-Country Bluetooth Speaker

Till now the brand quality was missing in the speaker you saw in the above list. But this shortfall is met by coming slightly above ₹ 500. Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker is available for ₹ 519 on great looks, features, and a 1-year warranty.

Built-in FM radio

Aux input

Call function

Multi connectivity

Playback time 10 hrs

Zebronics has got its products promoted by big stars like Hrithik Roshan. You can guess that this can’t be bullshit.

(8) Infinity JBL Fuze Pint Deep Bass

JBL Bluetooth Speakers are often expensive, but I noticed while doing research. Infinity JBL Deep Bass Edition is available for just ₹849. This is a very small and feature-packed Bluetooth speaker in terms of size.

Pocket size speaker

5 hours playtime

Dual equalizer modes

Voice assistant integration

480 mAh battery

It can be said that this is JBL’s cheapest Bluetooth speaker, whose features are as per above.

(9) Boat Stone 200 3W Bluetooth Speaker

The boat brand has been my personal favorite, whose products I have used anywhere. Based on this experience, I can say that there will be no regrets after taking Boat Bluetooth Speaker. The Boat Stone 200 is the cheapest Bluetooth speaker from Boat, which comes in the highest-selling list on Amazon.

3W RMS output

Bluetooth V4.1

10m Range

1500 mAh battery

Playback time 10 hrs

Mic for receiving calls

Multi connectivity

This Bluetooth speaker is the best to buy on a budget of ₹ 1000. Customer reviews, brand service, warranty, features, it is excellent in all respects.

(10) Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Speaker

Nowadays Mivi is running the ads of its products all over the internet in full swing. Mivi has specialized in speakers, it would be good to pick up any model of them. The cheapest is Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which costs ₹1199.

5W power output

24 Hour battery life

Bluetooth version 5

10m Wireless range

3-4 Hrs charging time

Hands-free calling

Waterproof speaker

It has got 90% positive reviews on Amazon from customers. Customers do not give so many compliments to any product, there is something about it.

I hope the Bluetooth speaker has been successful in giving complete information on the subject. See you in your next post till then take care.

Free Fire Diamond Hack |How to do Free Fire Game Hack complete information free fire diamond hack .

 Free Fire Diamond Hack |How to do Free Fire Game Hack complete information free fire diamond hack 

Free Fire Diamond Hack

Looking for Free Fire Diamond Hack? I know you are very excited to know the process to get free fire unlimited diamond free without topup. Again, most of the readers are requesting full details of 1000 diamonds hack, lulu box app free diamonds with no human verification, and many other things. In this post, we are presenting you with a complete all-around solution.

Do you know that the most popular game in today’s time is pubg, but if we talk about the second number, then it is a free FIRE game, it would be nice to hear a little because in today’s time everyone is a fan of Free Fire game and I am also I’m a huge fan and that’s how much fun it is to play Free Fire?

All of you know that very well, but many people want to hack free fire games because the fun of playing hacking does not come in anything and we can get as many diamonds as we want for free or Then you can take coins for free so that we can buy premium things, then if you really want to hack free fire, after reading this article carefully, you will get to know about everything.

Friends, there is a lot of hacking in Free Fire, that is, you can hack Free Fire in many ways, so I will tell you many ways by which you can hack Free Fire very comfortably and show this article to your friends. You have to read very carefully so that you can know everything and then you can hack well.

Garena Free Fire Diamond Hack Battleground Features.

Many features are available in this, if you hack Free Fire, then let’s know it now in full detail.

 1  Wallhack: – Enemies are visible on your screen i.e. when you hack, if the enemies are hidden inside the house, then you can see them and kill them easily and it does not work like that. Even if you can see every enemy, then this is a very good feature.

 2  Aimbot:- Nothing better than this option which allows you to kill the enemies around you by yourself, with a single bullet in the head being fired automatically for each enemy.

 3  Rank Push:- Friends, when you hack Free Fire, you can easily push your rank, that is, when you play the game by hacking, then your level increases very easily.

 4  Enemy Spot:- After hacking the free fire game, you will be able to find the enemies very easily, that is, you will be able to spot the enemy very easily and kill it very easily.

 5  No Recoil:- When you hack the game, after this, the movement of your gun will stop completely, that is, you can kill the enemies from a distance and also your target ie Aim becomes very good, due to which you can hit Enemy. Kills very easily.

 6  Health:- Friends, the biggest advantage of this hack is that when you play the game and an enemy dies, your health does not end, that is, you will not die soon.

  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • No Recoil
  • AimBot
  • Wallhack
  • Color Hack
  • Speed Hack

How To Get Diamonds Without Hacking Free Fire?

Friends, now I am going to tell you some such methods, with the help of which you will be able to get many diamonds for free without hacking the Free Fire game.

Friends, now what I am going to tell you are all going to be absolutely right and real ways, none of this is a Fake or FF Diamond Hack Trick or any kind of wrong way to get Free Fire Diamond in your Free Fire. The ID will also be safe and will never be banned.

Friends, however, how to get free diamonds in Free Fire on the internet has filled a lot of fake information related to this. Due to this, your time is wasted a lot. And you don’t get any free diamonds in return.

Friends, now let us know what are the ways available on the internet by which you can actually get a lot of real diamonds. And the best thing about it is that you do not need to use any Free Fire Diamond Hack Script for this.

Friends, you can also use these methods to get unlimited diamonds, for this you just have to create multiple accounts in the Free Fire game. And after that you go on taking diamonds in all those ids, you can collect a lot of diamonds from this.

Friends and when you have a lot of diamonds, then you can gift a lot to your Free Fire real Id for free. Like Free Fire Bundle, Characters, Gun Skin, Pets, and many more you can take in your Free Fire Id.

Friends, from now on there is no need for you to search Diamond Hack Of Free Fire, Free Fire Diamond Hack Free, all these things. Because now how do you get diamonds for free in Free Fire in a real way? These are the ones to know.

  • 1) Free Fire Airdrop Diamond Hack Method

Most of the players eagerly wait for Free Fire Rs.10 and Rs.29 airdrop. This airdrop comes with a package of 300 diamonds. But older FF players don’t get this Airdrop.


You can use the following ff diamonds script to claim free 10 rupees airdrop diamonds.


First, log out of your main Free Fire ID from your mobile.


Now create a new Garena account using a different Google Account or Facebook account.

Start playing at least 20 clash quad matches and make a boy in every match.

While playing the game, you will get Rs.10 and Rs.29 airdrops in your new account.

Buy Rs. Airdrops now paying Rs.10 or Rs.29.

This will credit 300 free diamonds to your new FF account.

Repeat the same process and buy 2-3 AirDrop in your new account.

After getting 10000 diamonds, you can transfer all diamonds to your main FF ID.

  • 2Free Fire Hack by MOD Apk 

Friends, this is also a hacking method and this is also a working method, what happens is that the hacker changes the Free Fire, that is, makes another version, in which everything is free from FIRE and then you can do everything. Yes, that is, when you open this application, then everything will be unlimited, I will give you a link to download, you can download it from there.

Friends, let me tell in a little more detail that the MODED version is actually the hacker’s version, in this, the hacker changes the entire javascript coding and adds his hacking coding and then makes it a new version and shares it on the internet and some Hackers also keep it paid i.e. you may have to pay to use the mod version of free fire but it is free now.

Friends, all these things are done by hackers, so there is a little risk to using it because there are many hackers who set such coding that your mobile gets hacked but you do not have to take tension for it, you play comfortably for full fun. with.

  • 3Lulubox free fire Diamond

9Hey, lulu box-free fire diamond is now becoming trendy in India. Lulubox Free Fire offers skins, stickers, and more. It is not recommended for you to use Lulubox for Diamonds Hack. Because you may have to face big trouble. The Lulubox app was last modified on 22 January 2021.

3Lulubox free fire Diamond

  • 4Free Fire Google Play Free Credit Hack

Google Play is now offering users special free credits randomly. You can view these codes from the Notifications section of the Google Play Store or by going to the My Account section. Gamers have to use these codes to purchase Diamonds. In a certain account, you will get Rs.400 credit balance.

Leading banks in India (SBI, PNB, ICICI, HDFC, etc.) offer reward points for every single purchase made using your debit card or credit card. You can redeem reward points for buying Google Play voucher codes. Afterward, redeem them for your Free Fire Diamond purchases. The entire transaction will be free of cost.

Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Hack App

Well, there are many ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire. Since players have to spend real money to buy diamonds, not everyone can buy diamonds. This is the reason why players are always on the lookout for Free Fire Diamond App. Let us know about some such Free Fire Free Diamond App, with the help of which you can get diamonds without spending any money.

  • Rooter Free Diamond App

Router App is a Gaming and E-sports app from India. In this app, users get daily targets and spin wheels. In this game, users get coins for checking in daily. You can get Diamonds for Free Fire by redeeming Coins received in the Rooter app.

The special thing about this app is that daily loot and giveaways run in it. You can win free diamonds and characters at these events. Apart from this, you can also get coins by sharing this app.

  • BOOYAH Free Fire Diamond App

BOOYAH is one of those apps through which one can get Free Fire Diamonds and Rewards. Many events are happening on this app and games get many chances to win rewards in it. Players can get both Diamonds and Gift Cards on this app. Users get opportunities to win free rewards. However, players have to link their Free Fire account with this app.

  • Google Opinion Rewards App

Google Opinion Rewards is the best way to get free diamonds in Free Fire. This is Google’s app and in this, you get rewards for taking surveys. First, you have to download it and then create your account. On completing small surveys, you get Google Play Credits in this app, which you can use to buy diamonds. Gamers can save in-play credits for Super Airdrops, which earn more diamonds at a lower cost.

  • gamer Free Diamond App

gamer is one of those apps through which you can get Free Fire Diamonds and rewards. You can complete simple tasks like watching videos, watching ads, filling out online surveys, and earning and redeeming points to receive game credits. Players can buy Diamonds for Free Fire through this app. You can download the game app from the Google Play Store.

  • Winzo Free Diamond App

There are Winzo Gaming and E-sports apps. In this app, users get one spin daily in which they can win money. Apart from this, you can win money by playing free-fire games on this app. With the money you win in this app, you can buy Diamonds for Free Fire. The special thing about this app is that it gives 100 rupees for referring.

To earn free fire diamonds from the winzo app you have to be referred. When a user downloads this app, you will get Rs 100 cash. You can play games with this cash. With the money you win, you can buy Diamonds in Free Fire.

How To Get Diamonds From Swagbucks Website For Free

Friends, you can also use Swagbucks to get diamonds for free without doing Free Fire Hack. Friends Swagbucks is a website on which you have to register first.

Friends, after registering, you will get to see some surveys in it, on completion of which you are given money. Friends, now you must be thinking about how to get a free diamond with money. So friends, let me tell you that it is very easy to get diamonds from this money.

Friends, by using this money, you can do a free top-up in your Free Fire Id, and or you can also take Redeem code. And by using that redeem code, you can also get free Dj Alok if you want.

Friends, there are many more similar trusted apps and websites on the internet that you can use for free diamonds. You can check our website to read those articles.

Earn Diamonds for Free with Fire Clips App

Friends, this app is at the top number to get free e-diamond in Garena Free Fire. There is no app like this in the market yet, which will give you diamonds to watch videos, yes friends, this Fire Clips App gives you diamonds for free instead of watching short video clips from Free Fire.

Friends, by downloading this app from Google Play Store and using this app, you can get many diamonds for free. It is very easy to use friends but if you still have any problem then how to get the free diamond from Fire Clips App from us? Its complete details are written. Which you can read by clicking on the link.

Free Fire Diamond Hack |How to do Free Fire Game Hack complete information free fire diamond hack .

Free Fire Diamonds Generator is the safest tool

Garena Free Fire offers pretty decent graphics for a first-person shooter mobile game. The animation and FPS are fairly smooth, but of course, you can’t expect PC game details. Garena keeps the game light and optimizes the graphics so that it can be played on all types of phones. This is probably a strategic decision as Phi Fire has targeted millions of South-East Asian players. You can reload the magazine while on the go, far away for realism. Some graphic details are missing, but the overall graphic works have successfully captured the game feel of the genre. In our opinion, Free Real has been developed as a more realistic shooter game to grab the market of PUBG in the same area. The character designs are great, but you can’t enjoy them on the battlefield.

Features of Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack

Garena Free Fire features popular battle royale games like PUBG, Rules of Survival, and Fortnite. However, only 50 players will be involved in each session. Your player will jump from the plane and fall at certain places on the map. Then, you’ll loot weapons, ammo, armor, and other equipment. You can carry one pistol, two primary weapons, and one melee weapon. The rest of the gameplay is about killing other players with your weapons and surviving by being the last person/team standing.

Looting is an important activity in the gameplay that also determines your survival. Each player starts the game with empty hands. Once you get off the map, loot weapons, and equipment, which is what you should do first. This is the only way you can get weapons in weapons-free fire hack diamonds on ios and android. Not only can you collect rifles and pistols, but you can also loot armor, medical kits, scopes, grenades, and other items that improve your play. You can’t buy weapons and these loot items with coins, you have to loot them.

This means you can’t select weapons via menus or any interface as you can only loot what’s provided on the map. However, weapons are abundant and there are also exclusive and rare items. Most of these items are available in buildings, so you’ll need to land on an area that has the least number of buildings. If you don’t want your player to be killed early on, don’t delay getting a weapon too soon. Use weapons to hit your opponent and since you can load up to four weapons, you can use them from behind, across the battlefield.

Why Free Fire Shouldn’t Be Hacked

Friends, always remember one thing that you never have to hack the game on a personal phone, Kher will tell you in every detail below why the game should not be hacked, if you hack then what can happen to you.

 1  No Customer Support:- Friends, we all know that there is no customer support in all the free hacking, so even when your account is banned then you do not get any support.

 2  No Legal:- Friends, it is completely illegal to play by hacking, that is why you remain at risk from the government side, that is why you should use hacking consciously.

 3  Gaming Account Permanent Ban:- Friends, when you play by hacking Free Fire, your gaming account also gets banned and once it is banned, it does not come back again.

 4  Mobile Data Risk:- Friends, the biggest problem is that when you keep such software on your phone, then the access of your phone reaches the hacker, due to which your data is lost, that’s why game hacking takes care of all these things. should do.

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You will be shocked if you know 10 special things about Kansa Mama

 You will be shocked if you know 10 special things about Kansa Mama

You will be shocked if you know 10 special things about Kansa Mama

The name of the maternal uncle of Lord Shri Krishna was Kansa. This Kansa was neither a Rakshasa, nor an Asura, nor a Davila. Everyone knows that this prophecy was said about Kansa that only one son of his sister Devka would kill him. Just because of this prophecy, he started living in panic.

 10 special things about Kansa Mama

  • 1. Kansa in his previous birth was an Asura named ‘Kalanemi’ who was killed by Lord Vishnu. Kalnemi was the son of Virochana. In the battle of Devasura, Kalnemi fired a trident on Lord Hari with great speed while sitting on his lion, but Hari grabbed that trident and killed him and his vehicle with it. According to another story, he spread many types of Maya in the war and used Brahmastra. The groom was killed in the chakra of Hari in Tarakamay.


  • 2. Kalnemi was born in the form of Kansa to Ugrasena. Kansa Shurasenas King District son and haka-Vrishni army chief Ugrasen Union and uncle of Lord Krishna. Andhra, Ahir, Bhoj, Stavatta, Gaur, etc. 106 clans together were called the Yadav Republic during that period. Ugrasen was the son of Yaduvanshi king Chuk. He had nine sons and five daughters. Kansa was the eldest of the brothers. Ugrasen’s other daughters were married to Vasudeva’s younger brothers. Ugrasen’s mother was Kasya, the daughter of Mata Kashiraj, who had two sons, Devak and Ugrasen.


  • 3. Kansa removed his father Ugrasen from the post and put him in jail and he became the king of Shurasen district. Mathura comes under the Shoorsen district. Kansa’s uncle Shursena ruled Mathura. Kansa had also brought Mathura under his rule and he started torturing the people in many ways.


  • 4. Kansa had increased his power by marrying the daughter of Jarasandha, the then all-powerful king of Aryavarta. Jarasandha belonged to the Paurava dynasty and was the ruler of the vast kingdom of Magadha. Jarasandha had given his two daughters named ‘Asti’ and ‘Prapti’ to Kansa. Thus a close relationship was formed between the two.



  • 5. Jarasandha also made King Shishupala, the Yadav dynasty of Chedi, his close friend. This Shishupala was the son of Lord Krishna’s aunt and also had faith in Kansa. Kansa had also made Kururaj Duryodhana his assistant in the northwest. Due to Jarasandha, he had also made friendship with King Bhagadanta of Assam towards the northeast.



  • 6. Kansa’s uncle Shursena ruled Mathura and Surasena’s son Vasudeva was married to Kansa’s sister Devaki. Shri Krishna’s father’s name was Vasudeva and his mother’s name was Devaki. After birth, he was brought up by Nand Baba and Yashoda Mata. Vasudev Yadav’s father’s name was ‘Raja Sursen’ and Baba Nand Yadav’s father’s name was Raja Parjanya. Nanda was the third son of Baba Parjanya’s nine sons. Surasena and Parjanya were both real brothers. The name of the father of Sursen ji and Parjanya ji was Maharaj Devmidh.


  • 7. Kansa was very fond of his cousin Devaki, but one day he was going somewhere on a chariot with Devaki when the voice of Akash was heard – ‘Whoever you want, that Devaki’s eighth child will kill you.’ Hearing this terrible voice, Kansa was frightened and took out a sword to kill his sister. Vasudeva pacified him in any way he could and promised that he would hand over his sons to him.


  • 8. When Vasudev reached Kansa after being the first son, Kansa said that I want an eighth son. Later Narada told that Lord Vishnu himself would be born from Devaki’s stomach to kill you, then Kansa became more frightened and imprisoned Vasudeva and Devaki. Later Kansa killed Devaki’s 6 sons one by one as soon as they were born.

  •  9. Srishesha (Anant) entered the7th womb. To save Srishesha, Lord Vishnu got Devaki’s womb placed in the abdomen of Rohini, the wife of Vasudeva, the wife of Brajnivasini Vasudeva, by Yogmaya. Thereafter, in the turn of the 8th son, Shri Hari himself took an incarnation from the abdomen of Devaki. As soon as Krishna was born, all the sentries fell asleep under the influence of Maya and the doors of the jail opened automatically. Vasudev reached Nanda’s house with baby Krishna from Mathura’s jail.

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Later, when Kansa came to know about it, his ministers started killing all the newborn babies of their region. Later, when he came to know that Krishna was Nanda’s house, he tried to get Krishna killed by many demonic people, but all were killed at the hands of Krishna and Balarama. Then according to the plan, Kansa invited Krishna and Balarama on the occasion of a function. He wanted to kill Krishna there, but in that ceremony, Krishna grabbed Kansa by the hair, dragged him from his throne, threw him to the ground, and then killed him. After killing Kansa, Devaki and Vasudeva were freed and they worshiped at the feet of their parents.


  • 10. After killing Kansa, Krishna and Baldev made Kansa’s father Ugrasen again the king. Ugrasen had nine sons, among them Kansa was the eldest. Their names are Nyagrodha, Tsunami, Kanka, Shanku Ajabhu, Rashtrapal, Yudhmusti, and Sumushtid. He had 5 sisters named Kansa, Kansavati, Satantu, Rashtrapali, and Kanka. Ugrasena along with his children is said to have been born in the Kukur-dynasty and ruled until Vrajnabha took over.


  • 11. There are many such villages in India where Kansa is worshipped. A statue of Kansa is found on the way from Lucknow to Hardoi. There is a practice of worshiping Kansa in the surrounding places. ‘Kans Mahotsav’ takes place in Orissa. Here the Dhanu Yatra originates. Kansa’s court is decorated and for 11 days, Kansa is the king of Orissa. This character, who became Kansa, runs so much that it can even summon the Chief Minister of the state in these 11 days. It is said that in the kingdom of Kansa the people were oppressed but they lived in all disciplines and all facilities were available to them.

Facebook New Name: Why Facebook changed the name, know Zuckerberg’s big plan through Meta

 Facebook New Name: Why Facebook changed the name, know Zuckerberg’s big plan through Meta.


Facebook New Name: Why Facebook changed the name, know Zuckerberg's big plan through Meta

Facebook New Name Meta: As expected, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced to change the name of Facebook at the Connect conference. The new name of the company will be META. On this occasion, Zuckerberg has also launched the logo of Meta. Which is in blue color only. 

Now the question arises that when Zuckerberg has a big brand like Facebook and social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram with it, why did he need to change his name. In fact, the answer to Zuckerberg’s new move lies in the question itself. 

Zuckerberg and his team are now looking to rapidly move on to the new world of the Internet. In such a situation, he does not want to identify his company only as a social media platform. That’s why the name of the company has been changed to Meta. Which is a Greek word. Which means beyond the present time.

What does Zuckerberg want to do?


During the Connect conference, Zuckerberg said of the reason for the name change, “Right now, our brand is so strongly tied to one product that it probably doesn’t represent everything we are doing today, so the future I would be far from doing so. Over time, I hope that we will be seen as a metaverse company and I want to link my work and my identity to what we are doing.


Zuckerberg further elaborated in his letter that in recent decades, technology has given people the power to express themselves more naturally. When I started Facebook, we used to type text on most websites. When we got phones with cameras, the internet became more visual and mobile. 

As internet speeds got faster, the video became a better way to share experiences. We have moved from desktop to web and then to mobile. From text to photo to video. But this is not the end. The next platform will be very different. One such internet platform is what we call the metaverse.


So what is the Metaverse


The metaverse that Zuckerberg is talking about will be a world of virtual worlds, where people will experience the real world using virtual reality. It can be explained in such a way that you will be able to shop from any shop sitting at your home. Meaning such a virtual world will be created in front of you, that you will feel that you have actually come to the shop after shopping.

 But in reality, you will be at your home. That is, the metaverse will be such a world of the Internet, where people sitting hundreds of kilometers away will also feel the touch. Meaning the feeling of distance will be completely gone.


How the world will change by Facebook


Facebook has explained the Metaverse in its blog, writing, through the Metaverse, you will be able to roam, work, play, learn, shop, and much more with friends sitting far away. It’s more about making the time you spend in the online world more meaningful than about spending more time online.


In the Metaverse, you’ll be able to get into the office without traveling, attending concerts with friends, and talking to your parents from a distance. It doesn’t matter from what distance you are doing all this.


When can the metaverse come


The Metaverse will be the new world of virtual reality. Which will be a completely 3D world of the Internet. It will take time to make it completely user-friendly. There will be participation from software, hardware to banking, telecom companies, etc. Which will create a complete ecosystem for this. Only after that, it will be usable. Zuckerberg has announced an investment of $150 million on training to invest in Metaverse technology to coincide with the company’s renaming.


Privacy will become an issue


Zuckerberg realizes that Metaverse will raise data privacy concerns. That’s why the company has written in its blog how we can build technology keeping in mind the privacy and security of data while reducing the amount of data used. Also working on giving people transparency and control over their data. 

This question will arise because, in today’s 4G world, data privacy has become a big issue from social media, the use of WhatsApp to financial transactions, etc. In the metaverse, tech companies will be more intrusive into your life. Then questions will arise. Well, Facebook and other companies will have to answer this.

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Michael Jackson: 150 साल तक जीना चाहते थे माइकल जैक्सन, 12 डॉक्टर्स की टीम साथ रखने के बाद भी नहीं बची जान Agnipath Scheme: वायुसेना में अग्निवीरों Happy Fathers Day 2022 Wishes Agneepath yojana kya hai Know what is Brahmastra