The price of one Brahma Kamal up to ₹ 1000, farmers can become rich by its cultivation, know what is special in this

Brahma Kamal is a sacred flower. According to some research, Vaidyas have to say that the drops dripping from its petals are like nectar. Apart from this, this flower is also beneficial in many diseases. Brahma Kamal flower is very rare. In addition, it is also the most expensive.

Yes, the cost of one Brahma Phool lasts up to ₹ 1000. Brahma Kamal flower is generally found in few hilly areas. Naturally, Brahma Kamal blooms in the plains of Uttarakhand, but according to some media reports, there have been reports of this flower blooming outside Uttarakhand as well.


Such news has come out that Brahma Kamal is also blooming in states like Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu. If we see according to the experts of agricultural matters, then this flower can also be cultivated. To cultivate Brahma Kamal flower, it is necessary to create a controlled environment and treat the soil.

The Brahma Kamal flower mainly blooms at night. The flower of Brahma Kamal blooms throughout the year only between the months of July to September. Today we are going to tell you how to cultivate Brahma Kamal through this article and some interesting things related to it.

Brahma Kamal blossomed at these places


First of all, let us tell you that the scientific name of Brahma Kamal is Saussurea obvallata. The Brahma Kamal flower blooms in the Himalayas at an altitude of 11000 to 17000 feet. The Brahma Kamal flower is offered in the temples of Kedarnath and Badrinath. Although the flower of Brahma Kamal originally grows in the hills of Uttarakhand, but now it is blooming in Tamil Nadu as well. According to the ETV news of September 2021, the Brahma Kamal flower had blossomed in Erode district of Tamil Nadu. This flower withers before the sun rises.


People were also very surprised when the flower of the Himalayan environment blossomed in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, in July 2021, the news of Brahma Kamal blooming in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh has come to the fore. In Bhanupratappur it was claimed to feed 6 Brahma Kamals simultaneously. The news of Brahma Kamal blooming in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh was also making headlines.

Brahma Kamal cultivation

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Let us tell you that farmers can earn lakhs by cultivating Brahma Kamal. If we talk about the cost of a flower, then it is between 500 to 1000 rupees. The special thing about this flower is that its flowers do not bloom in water. It blooms only during July to September in a year. Brahma Kamal blooms at night and in the morning the petals of this flower close automatically.

It is believed that seeing this flower fulfills all the wishes. This flower is used in worship. If you are planning to cultivate Brahma Kamal, then for this some important things have to be taken care of. Before planting Brahma Kamal, mix soil and cow dung well. After soil treatment, the husband of Brahma Kamal is planted at a depth of 3 to 4 inches. If you are transplanting it in a pot, then watering will have to be done after sowing.


Let us tell you that where the direct light of the sun comes, keep the plant of Brahma Kamal in such a place. When the plant grows up, then only irrigate it, so that the soil moisture remains intact. Brahma Kamal requires less water but controlled environment to grow.

flowers blooming after sunset

bharam kamal

Let us tell you that in Uttarkashi district, the flower of Brahma Kamal is considered to be the flower of Lord Someshwar. Here the villagers pluck the Brahma Kamal flower only after taking the permission of their adorable deity Someshvara. It is believed that keeping this god flower in the house increases happiness and prosperity. There is also a tradition of offering Brahma Kamal flower to many relatives in Uttarkashi as prasad.

Whereas Brahma Kamal means lotus of Brahma. This flower is said to be very dear to Goddess Nanda. The Brahma Kamal flower is plucked during the festival of Nandashtami in Uttarakhand. This flower blooms after sunset. Brahma Kamal is known as Dudhaphool in Himachal, Galgal in Kashmir and Burgundtoges in North-West India.

Brahma Kamal is used in the treatment of many diseases.


The flower of Brahma Kamal has many medicinal properties. This flower is used as a herb. Brahma Kamal is considered effective in the treatment of many diseases. If we see according to the experts, then Brahma Kamal proves to be a panacea in curing the disease of chronic cough. In botany, Brahma Kamal is known as Epithylum oxypetalum or Saussurea obvallata.

People believe that drops of nectar drip from the petals of the illusion lotus, which are stored and consumed, the fatigue ends. Not only this, many dangerous diseases like cancer are also treated with Brahma Kamal. Brahma Kamal also proves to be very useful in the treatment of liver infections and sexual diseases.


This flower also protects from Vastu defects and evil eyes.

It is believed that by placing Brahma Kamal on the door frame of the house, Vastu defects are removed. It is also believed that Brahma Kamal also protects from evil eyes. For this reason, people of Bhotia caste in Uttarakhand and rural population of high altitude areas keep Brahma Kamal above the door of the houses and in the temple.