Essay on Doctor

 Essay on Doctor

The doctor has an important role in our life, due to which doctors are given special respect status, so essay on this post doctor. Through Essay on Doctor, what is the importance of doctor in our lifeWhat is the use of doctors? Doctor Importance in our life and together we will also know what is the duty of a doctorLooking at his work, what are the qualities of a good doctor, what are the functions of a doctor, and you will also know how a doctor is a social worker, who does not work for money but for humanity, so let‘s start the essay on doctor now. Is. Essay on Doctor.

Essay on Doctor 

When we are sick or are injured in an accident around us, or someone suffers from any physical or mental illness, then we first remember the doctor, who is the doctor against all these troubles, diseases. Fights, and plays an important role in giving a healthy life again to the human being, due to which the doctor has been given the status of God, who saves people from diseases, due to which the importance of doctor is very much in our life. Is.

Essay on Doctor

The doctor is that important link in our society, which treats people’s diseases or any kind of problems related to the body, with the help of medical science, the doctor protects our body from diseases, and plays an important role in making us healthy. is, in this way the doctor gives a new life by saving people from the diseases of life,

There have been many great doctors in India since ancient times, who, through their discoveries, treat incurable diseases very easily, which doctors of that time were called Vaidyas, who used to treat people with the help of Ayurveda through herbs. Even today, with the help of Ayurveda, many diseases are treated.

But in the 19th, the progress of science has also made very important and many developments in the medical field, which in today’s time is known as medical science, with the help of science, many such devices have been discovered, which The diseases in the human body are detected very easily so that these diseases can be treated properly in time,

With the help of science, many types of medicine were also discovered, in which allopathy, homeopathy, etc. are important, and in today’s time there are different types of doctors for the treatment of all these methods, in which everyone’s studies and methods of medicine. is different,

Because of this one has to study very hard and diligently to become a doctor, surgeon, and at the same time the work of a doctor is a very responsible job, which requires complete integrity, then only you become a good doctor. Who can treat people with complete honesty and integrity, thus the good qualities of a doctor are to be very honest and loyal to the work?

And at present, due to science, very important developments have taken place in the medical field, now there are different types of doctors based on disease and body parts, all of whom have different studies, which are different in medical science. There are branches.

For example, if you have a problem with your eyes, you have to go to the eye doctor, if there is any disease in the ear, then you have to go to the ear doctor, such as heart, teeth, or other important parts of the body. There are different doctors on the basis, which all doctors come under medical science.

importance of doctor in life

Doctor Importance 

Doctors are very important in the life of all of us, someone is injured, sick, or an epidemic spreads, or disease spreads based on the season, in all these situations, doctors treat, with the help of various instruments. They examine diseases, give medicines based on diseases, and cure diseases, in this way doctors are the God of our body, who saves us from diseases and gives a new life,

In this way, doctors have a lot of importance for all of us, if there are no doctors, then people can die without treatment, due to which they are also called life-saving due to the work of doctors.

We all live in a society, in which animals, birds, plants and we all live, in which everyone has some disease at some point or the other, in this way there are different doctors for animals, birds, plants, and humans. Because of which doctors have an important place in our society, doctors do not only save us from diseases, but how do we stay healthy, what should be our diet, what things are necessary to have good health in our life, Doctors give good advice about all these, due to which the use of doctors for all of us increases a lot for all these things, so these doctors hold a great place in our society

doctor’s duty

As the duties of a doctor are very important given the importance of the doctor, the way a country is protected by soldiers and army, in the same way, doctors protect our body from diseases,

The doctor is considered as a god on this earth, who takes away the pain of people’s diseases, and saves people from diseases, in front of a doctor, his patient is the most important for him, like this It becomes the duty of the doctor to save the life of his patient by any means and free him from suffering,

The doctor’s smile works as a medicine for the people, any patient goes to the doctor groaning in pain, but by increasing his smile and courage, half the suffering of the people is reduced like this,

In this way the doctor’s actions make him great, a good doctor looks after money, first, he thinks to save the life of the people, and considers his duty first to save the life of his patient. Due to which the doctor is considered very benevolent, a good doctor also has the same quality, that the spirit of philanthropy is filled inside him.

Given the doctor’s philanthropy towards humanity, in our country India every year on 1 July, Doctor’s Day in honor of the doctorDoctor’s Day is celebrated.

what is the importance of a doctor in our life?

So in such a situation, you must have understood that we all need a doctor to remove even the smallest diseases. Doctors may remain hungry and thirsty, but they never leave their patient in a serious condition, they do everything possible to save the life of their patient. And save the patient from diseases. In this way, the doctor has a lot of importance in our life.

qualities of a good doctor

Looking at the present situation, it can be said here that the profession of a doctor has not remained untouched by the demon of corruption, where earlier doctors used to selflessly serve their patients, but now the doctor has become such a profession, in which people have a sense of humanity. They have started thinking about earning money, due to which the medical profession has also become infamous given many incidents.

But where it is evil, there is more good than that, even today many such examples are seen in our society, so in such a situation you must be thinking that what qualities should be in a good doctorSo to be a good doctor, the thinking of the doctor should be optimistic and thinking of good intentions, if the doctor is honest then surely such doctors give their selfless service, save people’s life, protect life from diseases, Gives a ray of hope to the people who have given up due to the pain of diseases.

Conclusion: –

Looking at the work of the doctor, he should be honored properly, and the government should also try that the doctor should never face any financial problem, which a doctor should never deviate from the path of honesty and such people. The doctors were always trying to save lives.

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