Pushpa:The Rise Review: Don’t understand flower, it is fire, Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna dominate the film

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If you want to know why Hindi makers are not able to make good masala films, then the answer will be found in Pushpa: The Rise. Looking at Allu Arjun, you will find that Hindi heroes are leaving the ground and sitting in the sky.

The film which rocked the Hindi box office by the passing of the last year is now on the OTT platform. Allu Arjun is not an unknown name for the Hindi audience today and after listening to Pushpa, no one remembers Rajesh Khanna’s dialogue… ‘Pushpa, I hate tears. Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa: The Rise declares loudly that don’t think of it as a flower, it is fire. The film has been released in Hindi on Amazon Prime. What people were waiting for.

Pushpa: The Rise

Originally made in Telugu, the huge success of Pushpa: The Rise in Hindi suggests that veteran Bollywood makers have forgotten the art of making films for a general audience. You will find all the same formulas of Hindi films that once made our hero angry young man, you will find them in Pushpa: The Rise. The hero who lives in kutcha houses and narrow streets, who does not have a father. Whose mother has been oppressed by people? The hero, who does coolies or wages in the name of work, but in whose heart the fire is burning to touch the heights of the sky. 

Hero, whose beautiful heroine first says no and then smiles and says yes slowly. The beautiful heroine that Kami Villain wants to grab. But the hero, destroying everything with the flames of his anger and the force of elephants, achieves height in the end. What doesn’t he have now? He can say to anyone that I have a car, a bungalow, Money is there… and this time he has a mother and girlfriend too. This is the new avatar of Pushpa: The Rise Angry Man. ‘Pushpa’ starts his journey from nothing and by the end of three and a half hours you find that he has everything in the end.

In Pushpa’s story, you may feel what is new in it. But its style-a-statement is new. According to its time and era. Its hero is in stark contrast to the sleek-eyed faces of Bollywood. He is bold and proud of his position. Her self-confidence, her stature, and her manner of walking make her different from the Bollywood stars of today. The way the film has been shot, it is a different visual experience. Every scene of a lackluster hero has been composed with grandeur. The lights and colors used in the film break the frame made of Bollywood films and it looks pleasant to the eyes. The action is great and new here. Not a copy of any Hollywood movie. Similarly, the dances of Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, and Samantha attract. His steps arouse excitement with rhythm. There is repeat value in this music and dance.

Pushpa: The Rise

Pushpa: The Rise is the story of the dark forests of red sandalwood trees in Seshachalam, Andhra Pradesh. Here Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun) is the lorry driver, who takes the cut trees out of the forest and takes them to different places. The police keep an eye on Chandan’s smuggling mafia and also catch the smugglers. But the real players are out of reach of the police. 

Pushpa tells his mafia chieftains tricks on how to transport the cut red sandalwood trees to the right places by throwing dust in the eyes of the police. From here the path of his progress emerges and the beautiful Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna) also comes into life. But time does not stay the same and because of her ambition, Pushpa’s struggle starts with the people engaged in this business. At the same time, a dangerous and cruel police officer Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahd Fasil) also comes to Pushpa’s area. What should Pushpa do now? This story will be seen in the second part i.e. Pushpa: The Rule. The second part will be released only in 2022.

There is no doubt that this film is worth watching. Certainly, some dialogues and scenes in the context of Srivalli and Pushpa can make feminists nervous. He may find the film a victim of an anti-feminist mindset, including Pushpa chasing the heroine, trying to buy her a ‘kiss’ with money, among others. But these are matters of deeper and different analysis. The Hindi dialogues of Pushpa: The Rise is well written and dubbed. Dressed in the groove of an interesting story, the whole fun of the masala film comes in Pushpa: The Rise. 

After a long time in Hindi, it is seen that the audience should remember the style of the hero and some try to copy it. From the making of the film to the work of all the actors, the whole matter is going to be tied here. Once you start watching a movie, the timing is not known. After the film is over, the wait for the second part remains.

Essay on Doctor

 Essay on Doctor

The doctor has an important role in our life, due to which doctors are given special respect status, so essay on this post doctor. Through Essay on Doctor, what is the importance of doctor in our lifeWhat is the use of doctors? Doctor Importance in our life and together we will also know what is the duty of a doctorLooking at his work, what are the qualities of a good doctor, what are the functions of a doctor, and you will also know how a doctor is a social worker, who does not work for money but for humanity, so let‘s start the essay on doctor now. Is. Essay on Doctor.

Essay on Doctor 

When we are sick or are injured in an accident around us, or someone suffers from any physical or mental illness, then we first remember the doctor, who is the doctor against all these troubles, diseases. Fights, and plays an important role in giving a healthy life again to the human being, due to which the doctor has been given the status of God, who saves people from diseases, due to which the importance of doctor is very much in our life. Is.

Essay on Doctor

The doctor is that important link in our society, which treats people’s diseases or any kind of problems related to the body, with the help of medical science, the doctor protects our body from diseases, and plays an important role in making us healthy. is, in this way the doctor gives a new life by saving people from the diseases of life,

There have been many great doctors in India since ancient times, who, through their discoveries, treat incurable diseases very easily, which doctors of that time were called Vaidyas, who used to treat people with the help of Ayurveda through herbs. Even today, with the help of Ayurveda, many diseases are treated.

But in the 19th, the progress of science has also made very important and many developments in the medical field, which in today’s time is known as medical science, with the help of science, many such devices have been discovered, which The diseases in the human body are detected very easily so that these diseases can be treated properly in time,

With the help of science, many types of medicine were also discovered, in which allopathy, homeopathy, etc. are important, and in today’s time there are different types of doctors for the treatment of all these methods, in which everyone’s studies and methods of medicine. is different,

Because of this one has to study very hard and diligently to become a doctor, surgeon, and at the same time the work of a doctor is a very responsible job, which requires complete integrity, then only you become a good doctor. Who can treat people with complete honesty and integrity, thus the good qualities of a doctor are to be very honest and loyal to the work?

And at present, due to science, very important developments have taken place in the medical field, now there are different types of doctors based on disease and body parts, all of whom have different studies, which are different in medical science. There are branches.

For example, if you have a problem with your eyes, you have to go to the eye doctor, if there is any disease in the ear, then you have to go to the ear doctor, such as heart, teeth, or other important parts of the body. There are different doctors on the basis, which all doctors come under medical science.

importance of doctor in life

Doctor Importance 

Doctors are very important in the life of all of us, someone is injured, sick, or an epidemic spreads, or disease spreads based on the season, in all these situations, doctors treat, with the help of various instruments. They examine diseases, give medicines based on diseases, and cure diseases, in this way doctors are the God of our body, who saves us from diseases and gives a new life,

In this way, doctors have a lot of importance for all of us, if there are no doctors, then people can die without treatment, due to which they are also called life-saving due to the work of doctors.

We all live in a society, in which animals, birds, plants and we all live, in which everyone has some disease at some point or the other, in this way there are different doctors for animals, birds, plants, and humans. Because of which doctors have an important place in our society, doctors do not only save us from diseases, but how do we stay healthy, what should be our diet, what things are necessary to have good health in our life, Doctors give good advice about all these, due to which the use of doctors for all of us increases a lot for all these things, so these doctors hold a great place in our society

doctor’s duty

As the duties of a doctor are very important given the importance of the doctor, the way a country is protected by soldiers and army, in the same way, doctors protect our body from diseases,

The doctor is considered as a god on this earth, who takes away the pain of people’s diseases, and saves people from diseases, in front of a doctor, his patient is the most important for him, like this It becomes the duty of the doctor to save the life of his patient by any means and free him from suffering,

The doctor’s smile works as a medicine for the people, any patient goes to the doctor groaning in pain, but by increasing his smile and courage, half the suffering of the people is reduced like this,

In this way the doctor’s actions make him great, a good doctor looks after money, first, he thinks to save the life of the people, and considers his duty first to save the life of his patient. Due to which the doctor is considered very benevolent, a good doctor also has the same quality, that the spirit of philanthropy is filled inside him.

Given the doctor’s philanthropy towards humanity, in our country India every year on 1 July, Doctor’s Day in honor of the doctorDoctor’s Day is celebrated.

what is the importance of a doctor in our life?

So in such a situation, you must have understood that we all need a doctor to remove even the smallest diseases. Doctors may remain hungry and thirsty, but they never leave their patient in a serious condition, they do everything possible to save the life of their patient. And save the patient from diseases. In this way, the doctor has a lot of importance in our life.

qualities of a good doctor

Looking at the present situation, it can be said here that the profession of a doctor has not remained untouched by the demon of corruption, where earlier doctors used to selflessly serve their patients, but now the doctor has become such a profession, in which people have a sense of humanity. They have started thinking about earning money, due to which the medical profession has also become infamous given many incidents.

But where it is evil, there is more good than that, even today many such examples are seen in our society, so in such a situation you must be thinking that what qualities should be in a good doctorSo to be a good doctor, the thinking of the doctor should be optimistic and thinking of good intentions, if the doctor is honest then surely such doctors give their selfless service, save people’s life, protect life from diseases, Gives a ray of hope to the people who have given up due to the pain of diseases.

Conclusion: –

Looking at the work of the doctor, he should be honored properly, and the government should also try that the doctor should never face any financial problem, which a doctor should never deviate from the path of honesty and such people. The doctors were always trying to save lives.

What is Open Source Software and its Benefits


What is Open Source Software and its Benefits

When it comes to downloading Software, then almost all of us look for Free software the most on the Internet. While doing this, we also go many free software miles, but do you know that most of these free software is only open source software so that we can easily download them for free.

Now you must be thinking that why would someone give their own made software to download for free, why they do not charge money for it etc. If such questions are also arising in your mind, then you must read this article about what is open source software and how it works. Here you will get a lot of information related to Open Source software.

By the way, these open source software are generally free software that you can use in your work. Open-source developers make them deliberately, were to make their source code publicly available so that other people can benefit from it.

They publish them with an open-source license – which means that other developers can also see your code and add something to it. For example, Open Office, Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, while the GNU / Linux operating system and its derivative Android, an operating system that is used in mobile devices.

If you want to know more about open source software then you have to read this article completely. I hope you are going to get a lot of knowledge in the end. Which you might not find anywhere else on the Internet in Hindi. So without delay let’s start.

what is open source software?

What is Open Source Software and its Benefits

Open-source software (OSS) is called software whose source code is completely viewable and changeable by the public. Saying this, it is open. Whereas when the source code is not viewable and changeable by the public, then such software is called closed or proprietary software.

Note  Source code is called the behind-the-scenes programming part of any software that users usually cannot see. All those instructions and instructions are laid out in the source code, how the software works and how all the features of the software work. The access to the source code is only with the developers.

Changes and modifications can be done very easily in this free software based on the users’ preferences. Users have freedom so that they can modify, change, and even share their source code. But all these things happen only under a license agreement for a user or a particular organization.

open-source software list

Here you will find a list of all popular open-source operating systems as well as examples of completely open-source software. source ]

MinGWMozilla FirefoxMozilla Thunderbird
SpamAssassinSubversionSugar on a Stick

Characteristics of open source software

There are also some characteristics of these free software that are very important to know.

Distribution can be done freely. Its source code is completely accessible, while the source code can be modified by anyone and these modifications can also be distributed to others.

These open-source software are mostly evolved via the support of the community and based on the development strategy adopted by them. In return, they help to improve the quality of the software, and active participation of these communities is also highly encouraged.

Companies that used to promote proprietary software are now adopting these open source software because of their having so many features. For example, the UNIX kernel is most commonly used in open source projects.

The meaning of open source software

Open Source Software (OSS) is software that is distributed along with source code that any user can read or modify.

The OSS community generally agrees to open-source software that adheres to the following criteria:

  • This program can be distributed freely.
  • Source code has to be included in the program.
  • Anyone should be able to modify its source code.
  • Whereas modified versions of the source code also have to be redistributed.

Whereas an open-source software license should not interfere with the operation of any other software.

Where traditional software is distributed in an unchangeable compiled format, open-source software is delivered in both compiled and non-compiled formats, making it available for open code modification.

Whereas under a traditional software license, these privileges are reserved only for copyright holders.

How does open-source software work?

Viewed from a business user perspective, open-source software works much like proprietary software systems that are provided by commercial software firms.

The biggest difference in this is that generally, you do not have to pay any money for it. At the same time, there are some other differences in this – as users using this open-source software are effectively co-developers, while they are also suggesting new ways to improve them and also to remove bugs. also, help.

This means that if you want, you can modify it according to your needs, you can also port them to other new operating systems and also share with others.

What is the difference between open-source software and other types of software?

In some software, only a few people, teams, or organizations that have created them have control over the source code — and they also maintain their exclusive control — can modify them. Such type of software is called ” proprietary ” or ” closed source ” software.

In this, only the original developers of this proprietary software can legally copy, inspect, and modify this software. Whereas, to use this proprietary software, computer users have to agree to its rules and regulations (usually you see this while installing the software when you run it for the first time), whereas users with it only You can do only as much as the software creators are allowed to do.

For example, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are such proprietary software.

Whereas open source software is very different. Their authors make their source code available to everyone so that anyone can view them, copy them, modify them according to their own. For example, LibreOffice and GNU Image Manipulation Program are open-source software.

Is open-source software important only to computer programmers?

The simple answer to this is no. Both open source technology and open source thinking are very useful for programmers and non-programmers.

Since earlier inventors have mostly used open source technologies to build the Internet—such as the Linux Operating System and Apache Web server applications—any user who is using the Internet can only use these open-source software. It is for your benefit.

Whenever a user views web pages, checks email, chats with friends, streams music online, or plays multiplayer video games on their computers, mobile phones, or gaming consoles, then When it connects to computers on a global network, it is unknowingly using correct but open-source software to route and transmit data to its “local” devices.

This makes it clear that open-source software is not only used by programmers but also by all other people. They are all around us and we are using them unknowingly.

What are the licenses for open-source software?

Although many licenses are used in these open-source projects, it depends on which developers are preferring more for their programs.

The GPL, or GNU (General Public License), is most commonly used in many open-source projects, such as Linux. Along with the definition of open-source mentioned above, the terms of the GPL clearly specify that, if someone modifies an open-source program and also distributes a derivative work, then they should be accompanied by it. The source code also has to be distributed.

Understand this in easy language, then if any person creates a closed-source program using any open-source code, they also have to return it to the community after releasing that modified version. Otherwise, he may not get a penalty for it.

At the same time, there are some other licenses as well, such as the BSD license, which put very few restrictions on the developers. If a program comes under the BSD license, then it can use the source code of any open source program and prepare the software according to it.

In this, there is no need for them to release this modified version. Developers like this license more because it gives them so many discounts.

Why do people prefer to use open-source software?

Most people prefer open-source software to proprietary software because there are many reasons for this, about which we are going to know further:


Compared to Proprietary software, people have more control over this open-source software. Here they can examine the code themselves, while according to their needs, they can also make modifications to it. Whereas non-programmers can also use them according to their own.


Other people like them becabecome better programmers by using them. Since their source codes are publicly accessible, students can easily read them and learn a lot from them and make better software.

At the same time, students can also share their modified work with others so that they can know their point of view so that they can increase their developing skills.


Some people like this software because they find it more secure than proprietary software. Updates keep coming in it from time to time, where its errors are published properly. That’s why they like it more.


Most users prefer to use this software for their important long-term projectsThis is because by doing this they do not have to worry about the source code of their software.

Because in cases of proprietary software, if the original creator ever stops working, then they may have a lot of trouble with it in the future. Whereas open source software works, both incorporates and operates according to open standards.

Does “open source” only mean free of charge?

The answer is absolute no. This is a very common misconception about “ open source ”, here it is not only about money.

Open-source software programmers can also charge money for this open-source software that they have created or contributed to.

But in most cases, to get an open-source license, they also have to release its source code in many places when they think of selling it. Whereas some programmers feel that they can get more money for their software services and support, and not just for the software. That’s why they make their software free most of the time while helping people by troubleshooting their problems.

Benefits of open-source software

So let’s know about the benefits of Open Source software.

OSS allows programmers to collaborate together so that they can improve the software. For which they fix the errors in it which are in the code (bug fixes), along with they also update the software so that they can work in new technology. Apart from this, they are also helpful in developing new features in it.

With this group collaboration approach, new features in these open source projects also come very quickly and are released very frequently.

This software is very stable so that more programmers can find its errors, and its security updates can also be implemented better than other proprietary software programs.

OSS is often free. But in some cases, you also have to pay extra costs for these software programs for technical support and some services.

Advantages of open source software

Let us know about the advantages of Open Source Software.

1. They are generally free – It has been estimated that these open-source software collectively save businesses that are valued at about $60 billion a year. In today’s time, you can easily get an open-source version of each paid proprietary software system instead.

2. They are constantly evolving in real-time because developers keep adding and modifying many things in them, which means that it is of better quality and is also more secure, while there is a possibility of having bugs in them. The possibilities are very less compared to proprietary systems.

3. Using these open-source software also shows that you are not restricted to using the systems of any particular vendor which works only on their devices.

4. You can also modify and adapt this software according to your requirements, which may not be possible with proprietary systems.

Disadvantages of open source software

Now let’s know about the disadvantages of Open Source Software.

1. Since there are no requirements in this to make it a commercial product so that money can be generated, open-source software develops more according to its own and not according to the requirements of the users.

2. This is the reason that they are very less ” user-friendly “because not much importance is given to its user interface.

3. In these, support is often negligible. Due to this if there is any problem then you have to depend on their forum and community to get the solution to that problem. Which can be a bit irritating.

4. Although these open source software are mostly free in themselves, some indirect costs are also involved in them, as you may have to pay for external support.

5. Due to being an open system, many people are involved in it, which helps a lot in finding its bugs. At the same time, some people can also misuse these vulnerabilities (weaknesses) of the software.

6. Since Open Source Software is not very user-friendly, you also need to have some technical knowledge to understand and use them properly. Otherwise, you may have to depend on others for even basic functionalities.

Who is called the father of open source software?

Richard Stallman is called the father of Open Source software or Free Software. This is because he was the first to develop free software in 1984.

what did you learn today?

I hope that you must have liked my article What is Open Source Software (What is Open Source Software in Hindi). It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the open-source software list to the readers so that they do not have to search any other sites or the internet in the context of that article. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

If you liked this post What is Open Source Software or got to learn something, then please share this post on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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