How to make a blog or website

 How to make a blog or website

How to make a blog or website

When we want to earn money through the online internet, then a blog is a very good online platform for this, it is very important to have your own blog without a blog, you can not start your earning, so for this online money. For this we should first create a blog of our own, so let’s know about our blog Kaise Banaye in this post today, if you create your own blog, then, of course, you can earn money online too.

So let us now tell about how to make our blog, so that we can earn money online while fulfilling our hobbies through the blog.

what is a blog

Blog Kaise Banaye | Website Kaise Banaye: – Blog means that since the trend of Internet has become common, people keep their things in front of the whole world through their written posts, it is called Blog,

Or writing your Thoughts, Ideas in common colloquial language and presenting them in front of everyone is called Blog.

What is Blogger or BlogSpot

Blogger is such a free service by Google on which anyone can create their own blog by registering their ID without paying any payment, and then can also make online income through their blog or you can say Blogger is such traffic that we can make any You can share your point with people from all over the world.

How to make a blog how to make the website

To create a blog, first of all, we must have our own service Gmail ID by Google. If we do not have Gmail ID, then first of all we should create our own personal Gmail id. Then after this, we should create an account through our Gmail id on the Service given by Google for free. Once registered in, you can create your desired blog,

For example, if someone is fond of writing stories, then that person can create any page related to the story. That is, the person who has good knowledge of the field, that person can create any blog related to that area,

Now you people will think that why we said such a person who can create a blog related to the field of which a person has the knowledge, because friends, if we have to work for any long time, then we should be expert in that field, then we will be able to work for a long time. Till we can work in that field, and suppose if we have information about some other area but have made some other blog, then we will not be able to pay attention to it for long, then we will not be interested in our blog. You can leave it in the middle, due to which it is our loss.

What should we write in the blog?

If we have created a blog page, then we should write as much as possible about the area in which we have chosen the related article and our posts should be such that if someone visits our blog, he/she gets the necessary information and our Blogs should not be written long or twisted so that people feel boredom.

That is, our blog article is written in a very systematic way with good information and if people benefit from it, then the person will visit your blog again and again so that your own pageview traffic will increase so that your online income will increase. Will benefit.

Benefits of creating a blog

When someone writes a blog, she is known as a blogger. If we make our own blog, then first of all our ability to think on our own increases, and different types of thoughts come into our mind which we can write our thoughts freely through our blog and in front of the whole world. can share.

This is the benefit of blogging, but secondly, we have another advantage that if more and more people are getting our blogs and more and more people are falling, then the service given by Google to us is through Google Adsense. From this, we can also make online income,

For this, there are Adsense Tools in Blogspot itself, which we can apply directly for Google Adsense, but we should always keep in mind that our content has not been copied from anyone and all our articles by ourselves. But if our article has been copied from anywhere, then we can be disapproved by Adsense Program.

But if our article follows all the stated rules of Google Adsense, then we will get approval from Google Adsense, after which we can show the advertisement given by Google Adsense on our blog, so that when people visit our blog as much as possible. We will have more online income than we do.

So how did you like the information is given about creating a blog, do tell us in the comment box and also share this post,

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