A Story Of Honesty

 A Story Of Honesty

A Story Of Honesty

Honesty is such a quality that a person has the qualities of being a good person, in today’s time being honest is a great quality in itself.

So, here we are going to tell such a story, the fruits of honesty and hard work and the importance of the virtue of honesty, by taking inspiration from which people can also be inspired to live with the quality of honesty, so let’s see the importance of this honesty. Know the Hindi Story of.

Fruit of honesty and hard work importance of honesty a Hindi story

Aman had reached the city for the first time today because his studies were over and the responsibility of the whole family had fallen on his head, and his father, who lived in a village,

He never got any time from his fields and household work, who used to come to the city, now all the responsibilities of the house were on Aman, who for the first time in search of a job to fulfill his aim, leaving home, village. Came to town for the first time,

As soon as Aman got down from the station and came out of the station, then seeing his big buildings, his dreams also started getting wings, perhaps he was looking for work,

And he was also looking for someone who could fulfill his dream, he could get some good work from anywhere, thinking all this, Aman was standing near a paan shop,

Suddenly a big long car came and stopped near that paan shop and a very rich person came out of it and started taking some items at the pawn shop,

And as soon as that person put his hand in his pocket to get the money out of his pocket, the purse fell on the ground while withdrawing the money, but that Seth person did not pay any attention to this.

But in the meantime, the attention of Aman standing nearby fell on that fallen purse and so Aman reached near that purse without wasting time, and as soon as he wanted to pick up the purse and give the purse to Seth Ji,

That time the car of that person had started, but Aman ran very fast towards the car that now the car had gone too far,

Now Aman could not understand what to do to give the purse back to that person, so much so that he noticed that the purse should be given to the shop who did not get it.

Thinking so much, he reached to give the purse to the paan person and told the whole thing, but the paan person refused to take the purse saying that thousands of people keep coming here like this,

So what will he take care of, so the paan person explained to Aman by saying that he should keep it as his reward, and who has time in such a big city to help people,

Saying this, the paan person refused to take that purse,

But Aman, who had received honesty from his parents, his heart was categorically refusing to take the money kept in this purse and purse, now Aman had made up his mind that he would definitely return the purse to that person. ,

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Thinking so, when Aman checked inside the purse, there was a lot of money, some important documents, and ID proof in it.

Now Aman had got a glow in his eyes from the address given in the id proof, he had also got the address proof to meet that person, now Aman took an auto to meet that person without wasting time, and gave With the help of the address, he had reached that person’s house,

But seeing the house of that person, once he realized that what is the importance of a few rupees kept in these purses in front of such a big house. But still, Aman was firm on his determination,

He was trying to somehow return that purse to Seth, thinking that as soon as Aman wanted to go to the house, the security stopped him, and with whom to meet, Aman showed that person’s id card,

So the security immediately recognized the photo of his Seth and asked to wait for some time,

Then Aman started waiting, then after about an hour he came to Seth, then the security told the whole matter, then Seth immediately met Aman, then Aman returned Seth’s purse with great pleasure,

So Seth Ji was overjoyed to get his purse back and was also very impressed by Aman’s honesty,

So Seth Ji took out some money from the purse without wasting time and started giving it to Aman, then Aman flatly refused to take this money, and Aman told Seth Ji that if I needed this money, I would have given this money. would have taken this purse from where it had fallen,

But I have no right to take someone’s money without hard work, so Sethji said this is a reward for your honesty, then Aman once again refused to take this money,

And said, Sethji, if I want to give something, then give me work, I will be in favor of you all my life.

Hearing this, Seth Ji was very happy with Aman, and seeing Aman’s inclination towards honesty and hard work, Seth Ji put him on the post of clerk in his factory,

Aman learned all the work on the strength of a lot of honesty and hard work and thus impressed by Aman’s honesty, Seth Ji had kept him as his secretary.

In this way, Aman made his dreams come true on the strength of his honesty.

So you have seen that there are a thousand occasions in our life when we have to prove ourselves in front of others.

But we all lose our faith for the sake of some money, which after a good time, that money also ends, but if we take the right decision at that right time, then we are also successful in getting the happiness of our life. ,.

That’s why we should not lose any opportunity we get in our life. And if possible, we should have complete faith in our own hard work and our honesty, no matter how much trouble we are in,

Because once we get the pleasure of hard work, then we have the desire to get everything without hard work, which is possible to get in this world,

As it has been said – the fruit of hard work and honesty is always sweet.

Therefore, no matter how many odd circumstances we are in, we should never give up our honesty and trust,

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