You will be shocked if you know 10 special things about Kansa Mama

 You will be shocked if you know 10 special things about Kansa Mama

You will be shocked if you know 10 special things about Kansa Mama

The name of the maternal uncle of Lord Shri Krishna was Kansa. This Kansa was neither a Rakshasa, nor an Asura, nor a Davila. Everyone knows that this prophecy was said about Kansa that only one son of his sister Devka would kill him. Just because of this prophecy, he started living in panic.

 10 special things about Kansa Mama

  • 1. Kansa in his previous birth was an Asura named ‘Kalanemi’ who was killed by Lord Vishnu. Kalnemi was the son of Virochana. In the battle of Devasura, Kalnemi fired a trident on Lord Hari with great speed while sitting on his lion, but Hari grabbed that trident and killed him and his vehicle with it. According to another story, he spread many types of Maya in the war and used Brahmastra. The groom was killed in the chakra of Hari in Tarakamay.


  • 2. Kalnemi was born in the form of Kansa to Ugrasena. Kansa Shurasenas King District son and haka-Vrishni army chief Ugrasen Union and uncle of Lord Krishna. Andhra, Ahir, Bhoj, Stavatta, Gaur, etc. 106 clans together were called the Yadav Republic during that period. Ugrasen was the son of Yaduvanshi king Chuk. He had nine sons and five daughters. Kansa was the eldest of the brothers. Ugrasen’s other daughters were married to Vasudeva’s younger brothers. Ugrasen’s mother was Kasya, the daughter of Mata Kashiraj, who had two sons, Devak and Ugrasen.


  • 3. Kansa removed his father Ugrasen from the post and put him in jail and he became the king of Shurasen district. Mathura comes under the Shoorsen district. Kansa’s uncle Shursena ruled Mathura. Kansa had also brought Mathura under his rule and he started torturing the people in many ways.


  • 4. Kansa had increased his power by marrying the daughter of Jarasandha, the then all-powerful king of Aryavarta. Jarasandha belonged to the Paurava dynasty and was the ruler of the vast kingdom of Magadha. Jarasandha had given his two daughters named ‘Asti’ and ‘Prapti’ to Kansa. Thus a close relationship was formed between the two.



  • 5. Jarasandha also made King Shishupala, the Yadav dynasty of Chedi, his close friend. This Shishupala was the son of Lord Krishna’s aunt and also had faith in Kansa. Kansa had also made Kururaj Duryodhana his assistant in the northwest. Due to Jarasandha, he had also made friendship with King Bhagadanta of Assam towards the northeast.



  • 6. Kansa’s uncle Shursena ruled Mathura and Surasena’s son Vasudeva was married to Kansa’s sister Devaki. Shri Krishna’s father’s name was Vasudeva and his mother’s name was Devaki. After birth, he was brought up by Nand Baba and Yashoda Mata. Vasudev Yadav’s father’s name was ‘Raja Sursen’ and Baba Nand Yadav’s father’s name was Raja Parjanya. Nanda was the third son of Baba Parjanya’s nine sons. Surasena and Parjanya were both real brothers. The name of the father of Sursen ji and Parjanya ji was Maharaj Devmidh.


  • 7. Kansa was very fond of his cousin Devaki, but one day he was going somewhere on a chariot with Devaki when the voice of Akash was heard – ‘Whoever you want, that Devaki’s eighth child will kill you.’ Hearing this terrible voice, Kansa was frightened and took out a sword to kill his sister. Vasudeva pacified him in any way he could and promised that he would hand over his sons to him.


  • 8. When Vasudev reached Kansa after being the first son, Kansa said that I want an eighth son. Later Narada told that Lord Vishnu himself would be born from Devaki’s stomach to kill you, then Kansa became more frightened and imprisoned Vasudeva and Devaki. Later Kansa killed Devaki’s 6 sons one by one as soon as they were born.

  •  9. Srishesha (Anant) entered the7th womb. To save Srishesha, Lord Vishnu got Devaki’s womb placed in the abdomen of Rohini, the wife of Vasudeva, the wife of Brajnivasini Vasudeva, by Yogmaya. Thereafter, in the turn of the 8th son, Shri Hari himself took an incarnation from the abdomen of Devaki. As soon as Krishna was born, all the sentries fell asleep under the influence of Maya and the doors of the jail opened automatically. Vasudev reached Nanda’s house with baby Krishna from Mathura’s jail.

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Later, when Kansa came to know about it, his ministers started killing all the newborn babies of their region. Later, when he came to know that Krishna was Nanda’s house, he tried to get Krishna killed by many demonic people, but all were killed at the hands of Krishna and Balarama. Then according to the plan, Kansa invited Krishna and Balarama on the occasion of a function. He wanted to kill Krishna there, but in that ceremony, Krishna grabbed Kansa by the hair, dragged him from his throne, threw him to the ground, and then killed him. After killing Kansa, Devaki and Vasudeva were freed and they worshiped at the feet of their parents.


  • 10. After killing Kansa, Krishna and Baldev made Kansa’s father Ugrasen again the king. Ugrasen had nine sons, among them Kansa was the eldest. Their names are Nyagrodha, Tsunami, Kanka, Shanku Ajabhu, Rashtrapal, Yudhmusti, and Sumushtid. He had 5 sisters named Kansa, Kansavati, Satantu, Rashtrapali, and Kanka. Ugrasena along with his children is said to have been born in the Kukur-dynasty and ruled until Vrajnabha took over.


  • 11. There are many such villages in India where Kansa is worshipped. A statue of Kansa is found on the way from Lucknow to Hardoi. There is a practice of worshiping Kansa in the surrounding places. ‘Kans Mahotsav’ takes place in Orissa. Here the Dhanu Yatra originates. Kansa’s court is decorated and for 11 days, Kansa is the king of Orissa. This character, who became Kansa, runs so much that it can even summon the Chief Minister of the state in these 11 days. It is said that in the kingdom of Kansa the people were oppressed but they lived in all disciplines and all facilities were available to them.

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