How to prepare 10th 12th board exam with the best tips and tricks.

 How to prepare 10th 12th board exam with the best tips and tricks.

How to prepare 10th 12th board exam with the best tips and tricks.


This is a big question, which can be answered only by those who have cleared the board exam. But we have given the answer to this in our blog. If together you will prepare for an exam by supporting each other, then both its fun and result will be very good and you will be able to reduce the burden of your child.

 Board exam results are very important, it is these results that make the way forward. Good 10th and 12th results are very important for the first job. Along with these the result of your graduation also matters. If all these are good, then there is no problem with your job.

Board exams are such an exam, in which everyone panics, but it is not a big deal. The pattern of the exam is not so difficult that you get scared in this way. The way you prepare for the local exam, the board exam is also the same. If you will do your work properly with confidence and read according to the tips given below, then you will not have any problem.

If you want to get good marks in the 10th 12th board then for this you have to study daily. There is no substitute for hard work. If you work hard then you will definitely get good marks. For this, you have to start your studies by making your own timetable from the beginning. Because if you keep postponing your studies then you will not be able to complete your course. Therefore, pay attention to all your subjects, make a timetable for their good preparation and start studying.

It not only gives the students an overview of the final examinations, paper pattern, weightage given to each section but also disciplines them to stay in a state of mind for those 3 hours looming around. Now, with social distancing being the new norm and online test series as the sole judge for their preparation, this year’s board exams will be a precarious triumph between timing, knowledge, and every student’s instinct.


So, today we will tell you all about the tips to prepare for the board exam in such a short time, about Kam Time Me Exam Ki Tayari Kaise Kare, by following which you can also prepare well for your board exam, so let’s go so



Some important points to prepare for board exams, through which you can improve your board results.


  • Remove fear from the mind Fearless Mind for Board Exam

One should never panic due to the fear of board exam, first of all, know that as you have been giving exams in classes before, board exam is also an exam for you, for which you have to prepare well for your exam, you can top your board exam. can do


Now you must be thinking whether we are only afraid of board exams or everyone must be afraid of board exams, then let us tell that if students who study hard throughout the year, they have no fear about board exams. It doesn’t happen that they give board exams in the same way as other previous class exams have been given.


  • Make a timetable and study for the preparation of board exams:

Make a timetable from the beginning of the year and study accordingly. In the beginning, all you have to do is to think about how much time you have to study and at that time make a habit of reading by being focused. Gradually break that time according to the subjects. And increase the time. 

In the beginning, repeat the syllabus taught in school days at home. With this, you will understand at the same time, how much you have understood the topic taught and you can ask any other friend or teacher at the same time. Clear your doubts well in time, because shortly it increases anxiety and decreases confidence.

  • Focusing on all subjects Focus on Whole Syllabus

It is a simple matter that if there is an examination, then questions are asked the examination from all the subjects and every syllabus, in such a situation, suppose your English is good but mathematics is weak, then only if you keep giving time to study mathematics, it can happen. If your English subject lags behind, then we should keep in mind that time has to be given for all the subjects.


So that one can give time for the preparation of every subject so that the marks in any subject are not reduced completely.


  • Create Study Environment 

Having a stable study space is really important, as it helps the student to achieve success. The key is minimizing distractions from space, be they sound and visual. Avoid having a study area near background noise from TV/music system etc.

 At a time when online study material is as important as offline, having a study area where Wi-Fi connection is stable is the best option. Motivational quotes, posters of inspirational personalities can also be pasted. Keep the space tidy and organized and functional for it to have enough power for students to reduce the strain on vision.


  • Subject wise preparation

While preparing for the board papers, keep in mind that each subject has a different strategy to study. like-



Mathematics: The better you know formulas, derivatives, and logic, the easier and quicker you will be able to solve the paper. Keep separate notes of tables, formulas, short tricks. They will help you a lot at the last minute.


Science: Be it Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, every subject carries equal value. Make notes of formulas, functions, tables, terms, diagrams separately according to each of its sections. If you make notes yourself, then things will be remembered faster and for a longer time.


Language: The grammar of a language is its soul. Be it Hindi, Sanskrit, or English. Read and understand grammar separately. Apart from this, it will be necessary to have a separate hold on literature. Make sure to practice solving passages.


Social Science: Prepare with different strategies for History, Political Science and Geography. While reading history over and over again like a story, use flow charts, tables, or any other trick to remember the dates. Make sure to practice geography on the map.


  • Do not read from more reference books –


 Sometimes students start reading different types of books due to wrong guidance. But due to reading from many types of books, they are not able to complete the syllabus of the coursebook. And this is their biggest mistake. Before reading any reference book, go through the syllabus of your course. After that, you have a lot of time for revision. And instead of multiple references for revision, choose only one reference book.



  • Study previous years papers –


Before the examination, one of the students does not understand that what will be the pattern of the paper and how will be the distribution of marks in it. The best solution for this is that students solve previous years’ papers. This will make it easier for them to solve the paper. And students will also be able to understand how questions are asked in the paper. 

And by solving these papers, students will also be able to reduce the exam pressure on them. Because they can solve these papers as pre-exam. With this, they will also be able to know that how they have to solve the paper within the right time.


  • Prepare short answers first

While preparing any chapter, you should first prepare the questions (Short Answers) with 1 Mark or 2 Marks. In this way, you will understand the basic concepts very well and will also help you in preparing big questions. In this way, you can cover the complete syllabus of the Board Exam very fast. You will easily find these questions in Previous Years’ Papers or Question Bank.


  • Fitness Exercise Necessary 

The confinement and isolation of these days from social circles are emotionally exhausting. The entire credit for being in a happy and stable mindset lies in the activities performed by the students. Exercise may seem boring in the beginning, but once students start showing results like increased activity and better concentration then they should move on to a healthy lifestyle. 

Consumption of nutritious food is better than fast snacking. It may not be as tempting and convenient as junk food, but the body has to go through hours of strenuous study for the energy and stability that can only be provided by leafy vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, and milk products


  • Avoid wasting unnecessary time. Time Value for Exam

You must be well aware that how valuable your time is, in such a situation, when board exams are very near, then the importance of 1-1 minute of this time starts to be understood.


So in such a situation, for the preparation of the board exam, first of all, you should understand the importance of your time and you have to study and give all the time only on studies because this time of 2 to 3 months can determine your entire future.


In such a situation, during the preparation for the board exam, you should keep yourself away from unnecessary things like TV, roaming, playing more, social media and internet like mobile or other things because these are the things which you will get to run your whole life but Once your exam has passed, then that time cannot come back again.


Therefore, to focus on studies, it is a better option to keep yourself away from things like TV, mobile, etc. during the preparation of board exam.

  • Improve the way you write questions:

Sometimes you know the answer to all the questions and you also solve them very well but still, you get fewer marks, the only reason for this is your way of writing. First of all, change the way you write.


Keep handwriting good.

Write clearly.

Write down the answer to the question. Heading in it, all headings should be there.

Have bullet points.

There must be a diagram.

Have a table

By writing in this way the checker will never deduct your marks and even if you do not know the exact answer to the question and you do not want to leave that question then you will get half or more marks by solving them in this way. This method is always beneficial. Solve important questions according to the points mentioned above and write them in your notebook. So that you get used to this pattern.


  • Take care of sleep during the exam:

During the exam days, we do not sleep properly and whenever we sit to study, we feel lethargic, to avoid this, take proper sleep of 6 to 7 hours daily. If you can’t sleep and worry, then some remedies have been given, do them: Sleep Remedies Take at least 4 to 5 hours of sleep even on the night of the exam.


  • What to do if the mind is not focused:

Meditate for 10 minutes daily. If you worship, then close your eyes for some time in the temple of the house and do not think anything, a person can’t think for 24 hours, but while meditating, the pronunciation of Om calms your mind. If you study with concentration, So your studies will be completed in a few hours, but if you do not feel like it, then even if you study the whole day, your studies will not be completed. This will bring positivity to you.


How to prepare 10th 12th board exam with the best tips and tricks.


  • Some Special Tips

  1. Make your own notes while preparing for board exams
  2. Follow the prepared timetable carefully
  3. While preparing for board exams, focus more on improving yourself.
  4. use the time well
  5. don’t be afraid to get any help
  6. Don’t study while sleeping on the bed
  7. take good care of your health
  8. exercise daily
  9. keep your mind steady
  10. eat nutritious food
  11. Always work smart not hard
  12. Practice the questions which you find difficult
  13. Solve the questions which come in the board exam first.
  14. Always write in good handwriting in board exams
  15. never study in low light
  16. Make the most of the practice from model papers


Along with preparing for the board exam, be aware of what to carry in the board exam.


  1. Carry all your documents and ID with you
  2. Pen pencil eraser scale in the box and close the rest, take it carefully
  3. Reach the exam center 30 minutes before
  4. Check the bangs, pockets, purses thoroughly that there is no slip left inside them.
  5. 10 minutes before your roll number in the exam hall
  6. Take out the pencil from the rubber paintbox
  7. Carry your hall ticket along with you in the board exam.
  8. Put your photo on the hall ticket properly
  9. Read the question paper carefully
  10. Solve any question that comes first
  11. write the question number well
  12. Question of how many marks has been asked, write the answer for the same number of marks

  • Repeat again and again to prepare for the exam. Repeat Exam Question Answer

Many times it also happens that some students feel that they have prepared the answers to many questions well and then do not read them again, due to which sometimes this happens during the exam also, our attention is given to that study. The attention is not able to go on the answer properly, due to which the answers to the questions remembered some time ago are not able to written in the examination.


So to avoid this kind of trouble, we should keep repeating the answers to all the questions again and again and especially before the day we are going to give the exam, we should keep reading those questions again and again so that the answers to those questions in our board exam. be able to write correctly.

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  • Some important things to keep in mind on the day of the exam:

 Do your studies in 2 hours before the exam and sit calmly and think about what to do after the exam, this will calm you down and there will be no panic.


  1. Keep all the documents with you. Before leaving the house, check your ID must be kept.
  2. Check your box at home. In it, observe all of the pen, pencil, rubber, scale, etc. before the exam.
  3. Reach the exam center 30 minutes before.
  4. Automatically check your bags, wallets, and purses. Somewhere there should not be any slip in it by mistake.
  5. In the exam room, sit on your roll number 10 minutes before.
  6. Take out your pens and pencils from the box and keep them.
  7.  When you get the question paper, read it carefully. And whichever comes to you, solve those questions first.
  8. Keep the length of the answer according to the number of questions asked.

Remember the things given on the table on the day of the exam. If you give your exam keeping this in mind, then your marks will be better. Prepare from the beginning for the board exam. If you make your routine from the beginning of the year through the points mentioned above, then you will not feel the burden at the end.


The better the results of the board exams, the lesser are the problems. Due to good results, one gets admission to a good college and later this result is useful in the first job. The first division of your 10th – 12th and graduation results is seen for the job.

All these tips are like a Ram arrow for all types of exams or boards. If you study accordingly, then your result will always be good. In the last days of studies, it is not always necessary to get good results. So make it a habit of your children to stick to a routine from the beginning.


Nowadays exams are not only for children. Parents are also there, so they should also support the child by reading such blogs so that they feel self-confidence and their burden is less. Parents can make their child’s timetable from their own experience. You can help them by talking to them about their difficult topics. 

Also, you can take the help of the internet for any kind of information. You will find the answer to all your questions on the internet. Information on any subject is present on the Internet. Be a friend of your children and support them in this board exam. This will make them feel better. Also, their results will be good and they will not consider themselves alone.


  • Do Yoga  

If you want to put extra effort into the exam so that you can do better than others, which you should also do, then you should also take the help of meditation.



Because many times it happens that students read a lot but what they read does not enter the mind and very soon they forget what they read.


In such a situation, the student needs to concentrate on his mind. In such a situation, yoga is a very good way to concentrate and calm your mind. 


For this, you can do Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati Pranayama, if you do meditation properly then you will see that you will be able to focus more on your studies.


You will be able to remember more and more things in less time, your brain will be faster and help you to remember more things than before.


This will benefit you in the board exam, as well as your life will start getting better than before, we have tried this method and got good results too.




Question 1: How to prepare for the matric exam?

Answer: Prepare for a Matriculation exam like this.

In the beginning, finish your entire syllabus.

Try to improve your handwriting.

Prepare your own notes for all the subjects.

Create a study routine.

To solve the previous year’s question paper.

Make sure to prepare with model paper.



Question 2: How to study 10th?

Answer: How to study 10th,

be careful from the beginning, prepare according to the

time management


understand the importance of revision

, prepare for the exam by writing

daily diet and yoga, get

enough sleep,

solve unsolved papers


Question 3: How long should I study?

Answer: Good job, good salary, good family, respect in society can guarantee all these things if anyone is studying, then, first of all, prepare yourself mentally, to study more and more. If you want to study for 12 to 13 hours a day, then the most important thing is that you start your morning well.


Question 4: How to make the right timetable for studying?

Answer: You make time table in this way.

Make a list of all the subjects according to their priority

Know what you need to study in each subject

Divide your study timetable into sections

Try to sit at the same time every day to study

non-academic activities in your timetable do include


Question 5: How to become sharp in your studies?

Answer: Read a little every day and understand what you are studying well, and whenever you get bored or feel tired while studying, then relax for a while. When the preparation is good then you will not be under stress during the exam. Then you will not need to study new topics during the exam.





We wish all the students all the best for their exams, you all should pass the board exams with good marks. At the same time, we also want to say that you should not panic much, but give the same exam as you give every year.


You just have to do more of your preparation this year, rest trust in yourself, take the blessings of elders, and get the exam done.


Whatever hard work you put in throughout the year, you will definitely get good results. Just you do not have to follow any shortcut route nor do you have to fall into the trap of any question bank.


If you want, you can solve the unsolved paper of the last 5 years, this will also help you in your exam. By which you will get an idea of ​​what type of questions are being asked, how many questions are being asked so that you will be able to solve all the questions before time.  


We hope that all of you have liked our important information on  Board Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare,  How To Prepare For Exam In a Week.


If you liked our information about  Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare, then definitely tell us by commenting below. Also, share this  Effective Study Tips information with your friends as well.  If you have any kind of question, then you can ask by commenting, as well as you can also like our Facebook page to connect with us.


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