Essay on Happy Children’s Day

 Essay on Happy Children’s Day

Essay on Children's Day

Children’s Day is celebrated across India to raise awareness about the rights, care, and education of children. Children’s Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. 

It is celebrated every year on the 14th of November on the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. We celebrate his birthday because he loved children very much. Jawaharlal Nehru considered children as the real strength of a nation and the foundation of society.

 We in this article spoke on Children’s Day ( Speech On Children’s Day In Hindi )  will Mahiti extremely simple language about. This speech will prove to be helpful for the students of every class.

Why is ‘Children’s Day celebrated

Children’s Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Children call the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru by the name of Chacha Nehru.

The special occasion of the birth anniversary of the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. By the way, the havoc of Coronavirus continues across the country. In such a situation, children have been kept away from schools, so that no risk is taken with their health.

Every year on the occasion of Children’s Day, children do not study, but sports and other activities are organized for them in the school. Apart from this, competitions, song and dance performances are also held in schools.

Children’s Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Children call the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru by the name of Chacha Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru was born in the year 1889. Jawaharlal Nehru loved children very much and that is why his birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day.

Jawaharlal Nehru used to tell children the future of the country. He once said that today’s children will make tomorrow’s India. The way we will raise them. They will determine the future of the country. He has always emphasized the importance of children’s education. Former Prime Minister Nehru played a major role in the establishment of some of the largest colleges and educational institutions in India.

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Jawaharlal Nehru died in the year 1964. Before his death, Children’s Day was celebrated on 20 November. Since 1964, Children’s Day was celebrated every year in the country on 14th November, the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru.

When and how did Children’s Day start in India?

International Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November. After the death of Nehru in 1964, on November 14, the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated as Children’s Day. Is. On this day, everyone reminds him of his contribution towards nation-building and his love for children. Pandit Nehru’s love for children was so deep that children used to affectionately call him ‘Chacha Nehru’.

Before 1964, Children’s Day was celebrated in India on 20 November, which was recognized by the United Nations as Universal Children’s Day. But after Nehru’s demise in 1964, it was unanimously decided to celebrate him on ‘Children’s Day because of his love and affection towards children.

 The United Nations still celebrates Universal Children’s Day on 20 November every year to promote peace, enthusiasm, and awareness among children. Born in 1889, Pandit Nehru was also known for his popularity among children.

 His books on Indian history and world history are read by school children and have also been adapted into TV series. Being an advocate of children’s development and education in the country, Nehru founded some of the most prominent educational institutions in India. 

  Through his vision for youth development, he helped establish the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, or AIIMS, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Along with this, he also founded the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Nehru also laid the foundation stone of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), Allahabad in 1961 which was inaugurated by the next Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1965. Apart from his role as a freedom fighter and politician, Nehru left behind a legacy of education and development of children in the country, and November 14 is celebrated as a tribute to him.

We celebrate Children’s Day on 14 November every year in India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was born on 14 November 1889 in Allahabad. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, popularly known as Chacha Nehru, was very fond of children. His love for children was immense. He always advocated that the children of the country deserve a full childhood and higher education. 

Because of Chacha Nehru’s immense love for children, 14 November was declared as Children’s Day since Nehru’s death in 1964. This day is celebrated to shower love and affection towards children. Schools and colleges celebrate Children’s Day with great enthusiasm. Teachers and students of every school go out of their daily routine to celebrate this day. Children are the guides of the future. Therefore, every school celebrates this day with various programs like quizzes, debates, cultural programs like dance, music, and drama.

 Teachers organize and perform various cultural programs for the students. Chacha Nehru always believed that a child is the future of tomorrow and hence teachers through drama or drama often tell the children about the importance of having a fulfilling childhood for a country with a better tomorrow. Many schools also celebrate this day by organizing sports events. School teachers often invite children from nearby orphanages or slums to participate along with school students. Such gestures are very welcome as children learn to share and accommodate all the people in the society with them.

 Such gestures also create a sense of equality among the students. On this day teachers and parents also shower their love and affection towards the child by distributing gifts, chocolates, and toys. The school also organizes various talk shows, seminars where inspiring personalities from various fields like sports, education, cultural and entertainment sectors come and give motivational speeches to the students. Many NGOs take this day as an opportunity to extend a helping hand to underprivileged children. They also organize several programs for underprivileged children.

 Often people distribute books, food, chocolates, toys, and other essential items among the children. Apart from this, they organize cultural programs for orphanages where children participate in programs like quizzes, dance, music, sports, etc. Even prizes, prizes are distributed to the children. Various awareness sessions are organized to make the children aware of the various schemes implemented or announced by the government for their education, health, and welfare. 

Some special programs are also broadcast on television on the day of Children’s Day. Many newspapers also bring out special articles on this day, which showcase the immense talent of children in different corners of the country. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had said, ‘Today’s children will make tomorrow’s India. The way we raise them will decide the future of the country.” Children’s Day is a beautiful occasion to remember and celebrate the famous thoughts of Chacha Nehru. 

Celebration of Children’s Day is a great way to make both children and adults aware that Children are the real future of the country. So everyone should understand the responsibility of providing a full childhood to every child. The love and care we give to our children today, regardless of their social and economic status, tomorrow our country Children’s Day celebrations are a tribute to this thinking.

Thoughts on Children’s Day Quotes on Children’s Day 

1. All children are like wet clay,
whatever shape you give them, they
become like that.
Happy Children’s Day

2. Children are the most valuable resource in the world

and they are the

the best hope for tomorrow.

Happy Children’s Day

3. Children are sensitive and innocent,

they are the little angels of God

and the future of mankind.

Happy Children’s Day

4. Children always need love

especially when they make a mistake.

Happy Children’s Day

5. We are the basis of the progress of the country,

we will fulfill the dreams of Chacha Nehru.

happy children’s day

6. One of the most frequently asked questions in childhood,

what is to be grown-up?

Got the answer now that I have to become a child again.

Happy Children’s Day

7. The best time in the world,

the best day,

the best moment is found only in childhood.

Happy Children’s Day

8. Neither the morning news,

nor the evening place,

come home from school after giving up tired,

but definitely go to play.

Happy Children’s Day

9. Every season of childhood was pleasant, there was

a paper boat in the rain, there was

a story of a mother and a fairy tale.

happy children’s day

10. We are the children of this country, we are not the raw of wisdom,

we do not shed tears,

because we are simple and true.

Happy Children’s Day

11. There was a time of childhood, when

there was a time of happiness, I wanted to get the moon but my

the heart was crazy about colorful butterflies.

Happy Children’s Day

12. Children’s day is the birthday of the uncle,

this is our dearest, I

wish we still have uncle,

his love is the most beautiful.

Happy Children’s Day

13. Listen carefully to your children’s wishes and encourage them and give them the freedom to make decisions. Happy Children’s Day

14. Every child is an artist, the problem is that once we grow up, we are not artists. Happy Children’s Day

15. We used to lie, yet how true we were, this is a matter of those days when we were children. Happy Children’s Day

16. I don’t know with which toy the child plays, who sells toys in the market throughout the day. Happy children’s day

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