BB Ki vines New Video Dhindora subtitles

BB Ki vines New Video Dhindora subtitles

BB Ki vines New Video Dhindora subtitles

 Our country has a population

of more than 130 crores,


which is home to all kinds of people.


Every home is a breeding

ground for dreams,


and new ways of living life.


There is love and there is hatred,


but people continue to live together.


Some languages are sweet as sugar.


Similarly, there’s this town,

who’s nature and language…


Is like fried palm sugar.


You mofo!


Dad, I’ll directly come for dinner.


Your mom has cooked squash melon.


Then I’ll come tomorrow only.


– Today you’re out for sure!

– Oh, no…


Instead of straining your tools at night,

strain yourselves at work during the day.


That’s fine, but what’s the squeaking

noise coming from upstairs?


– God! This was the best I ever had!

– Wish I could say the same.


You’ve never fallen

in true love before, right?


Love is like haemorrhoids.


It happens once but gives prolonged pain.


Something’s vibrating, right?


I told you not to…


– Take it out, take it.

– Your phone’s buzzing.










That innocent had no clue,


that all night, he wakes her.


He makes her laugh and cry.


– The heart is…

– Fools are those,


who drink expensive coffee at cafes.


This is a home-made recipe,


to make cold coffee with water.


These McDoland guys learnt from us.


Those FKC folks, make us lick ice

in the name of Crusher.


I’m super late today.

How do I go to work?


Now we’ll make sushi.




This is the most beloved

and bland dish from Japan.


It looks like a tissue paper


and tastes like wet tissue paper.


Cheese, pineapple, avocado…


Do not put these in it!


Else it’ll become tasty.


Hey, I’m late, where’s my breakfast?


Hey! Aren’t you going to college today?


I’ve got time.


Son, I used to say that too.


Then one day, I went from school to college,


and then you arrived.


Give me that newspaper.


What’re you doing?

Are you an occultist?


You’ve ruined my hair.


Do you go to college for education or fashion?


Kids are crazy about this hair!


I’m getting a lot of complaints

from your college.


Teachers were asking, “Who’s this girl

standing and peeing in the boy’s toilet?”


Where’s my breakfast?


Oh, great!




The question now is, was anything added in…


Again the same poha?


What’s the biggest mistake of your life?


To trust your useless child.


– Got it!

– No, son, that’s not what we meant…


– No, it’s okay.

– Here, have some peanuts.


Why don’t we make eggs in this house?


How can you eat poha every day?


Son, go out and see,

people don’t even get poha.


Then they’re really lucky, Dad.


Try to understand the emotion

behind this poha.


We don’t need an emotion,

we need your promotion.


What did he say?


What did he just say?


Please calm down.


It’ll be better for him not

to talk about my work.


First look into your own shirt!


He’s worn a t-shirt today.


And he wants to be a hero,

you’re a zero! Absolute zero!


Why don’t you chill?


The day I become a great singer…


I’ll only eat omelette! Omelette!


Are you Manoj Tiwari?


– You, please chill.

– Should I eat some ice?


Tell me, should I?


Mr Sharma…


I’ve been asking

for benches from the Municipality Officer.


Nobody listens to us.


– Greetings, Mr Babloo.

– You remember our childhood?


How we used to play around?


And the kids these days?


These kids are always on their phones.


Mr Sharma…


If there are no swings in the park,

then where will these kids play?


On your swinging tool?


They want to put up benches.

They’ll show up at my door asking for money.


Damn! I’ll be late if I wait for the bus.


Instead, I’ll take a rickshaw today.


Hey, rickshaw! Rickshaw!


Will you go to Daryaganj?


No, I’ll go to Dhaula Kuan.


Why though? Have you come to work

or roam around?


Sit back, let me drive.


He wants to go there.


Take him.


Come on, mate! We’ll split the fare.




Do you two know each other?




Your faces look similar and…

you seem to be related too.


He’s my mom’s husband,

you look ahead and drive!


Mom’s husband… means dad.


Son, what kind of singing do you do?


Blues, acoustic, semi-classical.


Son, this kind of singing

will only earn you praise, but no money.


Try that one which is in trend, rap!


What do they make? “Piss Track!”


– Diss Track, sir!

– Yes, right!


– Sir, I write rap too.

– Is it?


Focus on the road, will you?


No, son, if one is talented,

then you must encourage it.


Why don’t you go to that singing show?


He has a sob story too…

He rides a rickshaw himself!


– Judge Neha will definitely break down!

– Shall I rap a bit?


– Rashid!

– Irshaad!


Yeah, whatever…


Grapes on a tree, monkey on the grapes


Monkey’s butt is red and Delhi is dead!


Dead! Dead! Dead!


Is it smoke or smog,


I got no clue, sons of bitches!


Wonder who’s conspired, but Delhi is dead!


GB 64!


Take the right!


Take the left!


– No, the right.

– Dad, I’ll get late. Take the left!


I too am late, son.

Take the right.


Dad, my guard won’t let me in, take left.


– Take the right!

– You taking a left or not?


– Don’t threaten him, son. You take right!

– Yes.


– Left!

– Right!


– Right!

– Left!


What happened?


– Hey! What?

– Rickshaw?


Where are you going?

Where’s he going?


– Come on.

– Who’ll drive this now?


– Let’s go.

– Hey!


– Can you drive this?

– Why did you take this rickshaw?


I need a drummer!


You’re late, bro!

Auditions are over!


But I’m on time.


Bro, you’re 20 minutes late.

It’s not possible.


– But?

– No, guys, how can you all do this?


Poor guy came on a rickshaw from so far.


Looks like a wannabe Johnny Depp too!


Guys, at least hear him out first.


Then you all may critique his singing.


This is a personal request.

I really feel bad for him.


Okay, you’ve got 40 seconds.


Thank you!




Sing something which will explode their butt!


Should I keep a bomb below their butt?




Battery! Huh!


Mr Babloo?


– Mr Babloo?

– Yeah?


Looks like your good times have started.


– Why, what happened?

– The boss has called for you.


What? But why?


No clue, but he looks happy.


Is it? Will he give me a raise?


How would I know?


But in front of me,

he gave remuneration to two people.


What, Ranu Mondal?


No, Mr Babloo. Salary! Salary!


Oh, great! Whose?


Mr Oberoi’s and Mr Malik’s.


I see, honestly, they don’t need any.


Aren’t Oberois and Maliks really rich?


– Mr Singhania, come here!

– Coming, sir!


So today is my first day in college.


Now, who will tell me what this is?


– Mammaries!

– No! This! This!


It’s useless talking to you guys.


I will…


Shut up!


Come, come!


After wandering the whole college

like a dog…


you’re getting time to show up now?


When I was of your age,

I was the first one to reach college.


Sir, because your dad was a peon.


So you reaching early was justified,

to open the gate.


Shut up!


Music class, band,

you got rejected everywhere.


No, sir, there was no battery in my guitar.


And anyway, whenever I sing, everyone cries.


Why do you sing so bad then?


Done with your homework?


I did it but forgot to bring my notebook.


There’s no notebook in the bag,


no batteries in the guitar.


Have you any shame left or lost that too?




Take it, take it.


Give it here.


These morons, talk to them.


Where’s that dude with the tiny tool?


He was saying

that you get taller by hanging mofo!


Dude, if we could get taller by hanging


then my tool would’ve been crawling by now.


Where is he?


Where are you guys though?


Umm… Sameer’s grandma is dead.


What are you saying?


Yeah, bro! My grandma’s dead.


I’m standing right next to her.


She’s your grandma?




She’s looking quite healthy.


No. She’s lying on her stomach

because she had a hunched back.




Dude, come soon,

need your help in cremating her.


Yeah, go! I’ll also join you to help.


No, my grandma used to keep away from idiots.


Take it, get lost!


Now tell me,

what comes in and what goes out?


– Semen!

– Where’s the stick?


Guys, I got rejected again.


I’m going to drink like a fish today.


Come on, you’ll drink sweet or spicy?


We’ll decide at the golgappa stall,

come fast!


I’ll finish off grandma and come.


You’re a weirdo.


Come in.


You’ve come after so many days.


It’s a routine, let it be.

You come along.


Please sit.


Mr Babloo, do you know why

I keep meetings here?


No, sir.


After working for several years, I realised

that I ended up shitting instead of work.


But while sitting here… Wow!

I get some great ideas.


That’s why I interchanged both the places.


I got this especially home-made for you.


Wow, great!


At least wash your hands, sir.


Never mind.


Mr Babloo…


After your promotion, don’t eat all this.


Why are you flexing your neck like a pigeon?


It will break off, then you can’t carry it.


Mr Babloo, I’m making you the manager.


I can’t believe it, sir!


This is like a dream come true!




I wrote a letter ages ago, for this day.


My son’s friend had helped me write it.


If you may allow…


“Dear boss…


I cannot thank you enough


for giving me this opportunity.


I’ll give my heart, my soul,


and my hairy ass for this company.


My heart is beating,


as fast as I beat my prick,


during No Nut November.”


“I beat my prick during No Nut November.


Big respect to your wife,


for marrying a ball sack like you.


Else, in this day and age…


sweet talks like a koyal


these bitches ain’t loyal.”


Mr Babloo…


You’re going to have a lot of fun.


Just one thing,

we’ve reduced your salary.


What? Why?


What’s the work of a senior?


To make rangoli for Diwali.


A free samosa and drink.


To caress the head of junior girls.


And say, “well done”. Isn’t it?


Do- Want to do it?

– What?






– Can I do it?

– Yes, please.


– So leave then!

– Yeah!


Oh, God!


What’s this world all about?


Society won’t give you anything.


To earn money, people do jobs,


steal, plan a heist, run for elections.


Ask people to press the bell icon.


So much hard work? No!


This ring will make you a billionaire

while you just sit at home.


Why are you staring at me?

I’m telling the truth!


Yeah, you!


This ring fulfils everyone’s dreams.


A bald person gets a head full of hair,


actors’ movies become a hit.


Secret diseases get cured.


What are you waiting for?

Pick up the damn phone!


Pick it up!


What are you looking around for?


The phone is charging in the bedroom.


Tell me, should I come?


– Okay.

– Yeah!






We don’t need an emotion,

we need your promotion.


You’re going to have a lot of fun.


Just one thing, I’ve cut down your salary.


What’s the work of a senior?


To make rangoli for Diwali.


A free samosa and drink.


Caress the heads of junior girls

and say, “well done”.


Want to do it?




Life’s great, isn’t it?


It’s a bitch!


Hey, you’re swearing?


Sir, I give what I have.


Go do your work.


Sir, I am doing my work.


If you don’t have any other work,

then come sit next to me.


Else, try your luck with lottery tickets.


I already tried.


I’m out of luck.


Why are you being such a miser, sir?


Listen up, sir.

Please take one at least.


Don’t bother me, get lost.


If you buy this, I can buy some food.


How much for this?


Rs. 50.


My salary is already halved.

And he is asking me for Rs. 50.


Take this!


What will you eat?






Sir, that’s the winning number.

Match it!


– Okay.

– Bye.




It’s really expensive.


That is not expensive.


But I don’t have Rs. 1,100.


You will have it,

check-in the flour container.


If I had that much money, why would

Do I need this ring in the first place?


Fear me if you don’t fear the Almighty!


Give me two minutes.


People have lost faith in sages these days.


Hey! Take the front angle.


Yeah! So write it down…


The first benefit of a secret disease,

is that it’s secret.


Jaws, teeth, everything is going to drop!


Oh, sage!


Go away.




Take this ring and leave!


– But what happened?

– My sofa!


Damn your sofa! What has happened?

At least tell me what happened.


Tell me, what happened?


Listen carefully,


don’t you tell anybody?


We’ve won the lottery!


What is she saying…

She’s out of her mind!


Get out of here now!


At least give me my money.


Here you go, Rs. 1,200.


It’s 1,400, not 1,200.


Take 200 more.


What are you waiting for?


Thank you.


It works, dude!


Eat a local burger in Kamala Nagar


Explore the whole city on a metro train


Yesterday’s ass is today’s horse,


look at it galloping


Bra, panties or briefs,

just hang it on the line


And dry it in the sun

Dhindora, dhindora




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