10 love 💓💓stories from Mahabharat that changed history

 10 love 💓💓stories from Mahabharat that changed history


10 love 💓💓stories from Mahabharat that changed history

There is a lot of screw about relationships in Mahabharata. On one side there is polyandry and on the other there is polyandry. Somewhere someone is being kidnapped and somewhere there is a forced marriage with someone. But in the midst of all these flowers of love have also blossomed. There are many love stories in Mahabharata, but we have brought for you only 10 such love stories, which led to war and changed history. 


1. Satyavati and Rishi Parashar: Satyavati was the daughter of a fisherman named Dhivar and she used to get people to the Yamuna by her boat. One day she was taking Rishi Parashar in her boat. Sage Parashar was attracted to her and expressed his desire to love her.

 Satyavati placed 3 conditions in front of the sage- 1. No one saw him doing this, Parashar made an artificial cover. 2. Her virginity should not be affected, so Parashar assured her that after the birth of the child her virginity would be the same as before. 3. She wanted her fishy stench to turn into a wonderful fragrance, Parashara created an atmosphere of fragrance around her. The great sage Ved Vyas was born because of the love of sage Satyavati and Parashara. 


2. Shantanu’s love for Satyavati: This Satyavati had married Shantanu. Had Shantanu not loved Satyavati, then the history of Mahabharata and Kuruvansh would have been different. Maharaja Shantanu got a son from Ganga whom he named Devavrat. Devvrat was declared the crown prince of Hastinapur. This Devavrat later came to be called Bhishma. 


One day Shantanu was walking on the banks of Yamuna when he saw a beautiful girl sailing in the river. Shantanu was infatuated with that girl. When he asked the girl her name, she said, ‘Maharaja my name is Satyavati and I am a Nishad girl.’ Shantanu started living in love with Satyavati. 

Satyavati also fell in love with the king. One day Shantanu proposed marriage to Satyavati in front of Satyavati’s father, but Satyavati’s father made a condition that the son born of my daughter would be the king of Hastinapur, only then I would give the hand of his daughter to you. 

Hearing this proposal, the king returned to his palace and began to be disturbed in the memory of Satyavati. When Bhishma came to know about this, he took an oath to be a lifelong celibate for the happiness of his father and got Satyavati married to his father. 


3. Love of Krishna and Rukmani: Shri Krishna loved many women. Everyone knows the love story of Radha-Krishna, but not that of Krishna and Rukmini. 

Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhishmaka of Vidarbha, had decided in her mind that she would not accept anyone other than Krishna as her husband. On the other hand, Shri Krishna also knew about this. But Rukma wanted his sister to be married to Chediraj Shishupala, the son of Krishna’s aunt. 


Rukma started preparations for the marriage by fixing her sister’s relationship with Krishna’s enemy Shishupala, despite the opposition of her parents. When Rukmini came to know about this, she was very sad, and then she sent a Brahmin to Dwarka Shri Krishna. Ultimately, Shri Krishna had to abduct Rukmini and marry her.



4. Love of Arjuna and Subhadra: Subhadra was the sister of Shri Krishna. Balarama wanted Subhadra to be married into the Kaurava clan. Due to the stubbornness of Balarama, Shri Krishna had got Subhadra abducted at the hands of Arjuna. Later Arjuna’s marriage with Subhadra was solemnized in Dwarka. 

After marriage, he lived in Dwarka for a year and spent the rest of the time in the Pushkar region. On the completion of 12 years, he returned to Indraprastha with Subhadra. When Subhadra met Draupadi at Indraprastha, she did not immediately tell about her marriage to Arjuna. But when they mixed up, Subhadra told the truth and Draupadi accepted it.



Similarly, Arjun had also loved Chitrangada, the princess of Manipur. When Arjuna visited Manipur, the kingdom of King Chitravahana, he saw Chitrangada on the banks of the Kaveri. She was so beautiful, Arjuna fell in love with her.

When he asked King Chitravahana for his hand, he placed a condition that his son should be brought to Manipur and he would have to take over the kingdom of Manipur. Arjun agreed. When Arjuna’s son Babruvahana was born, Arjuna left his wife and son to go to Indraprastha with his brothers. 

After the death of Chitravahana, Babruvahan became the king of Manipur. It is said that after the war of Mahabharata, Babruvahan defeated his father Arjuna in war.



Similarly, Arjun also had a love marriage with the snake girl Ulupi. Ulupi fell in love with Arjuna and she kidnapped Arjuna. Later he persuaded Arjuna to accompany him who was bound by the rules of celibacy and could not have a relationship with any other woman because of his relationship with Draupadi. In the end, he granted Arjuna a boon that no one could harm him in the water.



5. Love of Samba and Lakshmana: Jambavati was one of the 8 wives of Lord Krishna. Jambavati-Krishna’s son’s name was Samba. According to the Mahabharata, the heart of this samba fell on Duryodhana and Pandora’s daughter Lakshmana and they both fell in love. 

Duryodhana’s son’s name was Lakshmana and his daughter’s name was Lakshmana. Duryodhana did not want to marry his daughter to Krishna’s son. So one-day Samba married Lakshmana and started taking Lakshmana in his chariot to Dwarka. When the Kauravas came to know about this, the Kauravas came with their entire army to fight with Samba.



The Kauravas took Samba captive. After this, when Shri Krishna and Balram came to know, then Balram reached Hastinapur. Balarama requested the Kauravas to free Samba and send him away with Lakshmana, but the Kauravas did not listen to Balarama. In such a situation, Balarama’s anger was awakened.

 Then Balarama revealed his fierce form. He dragged the entire land of Hastinapur with his own plow and went on to drown it in the Ganges. Seeing this the Kauravas were frightened. There was an outcry in the whole of Hastinapur. Everyone apologizes to Balarama and then sends Samba away with Lakshmana. Later in Dwarka, the marriage of Samba and Lakshmana took place in the Vedic manner.



6. Hidimba and Bhima: The five Pandavas were sleeping in the forest one night after escaping from the Lakshagriha and Bhima was guarding. The forest in which he was sleeping belonged to the demon king Hidimba.

 His daughter’s name was Hidimba who was a male Bhansak. When she saw Bhima in the forest, she fell in love with him and changed her disguise, and proposed to marry Bhima. After much difficulties, both of them got married and both lived together for some time. When Bhima left her she gave birth to Ghatotkachha whom she took care of alone without any remorse.



7. Love of Arjun and Ulupi: The name of Arjuna’s fourth wife was Ulupi. It is said that Ulupi was a mermaid. He had given Arjuna the boon of being harmless in water. Apart from this, he taught Chitrangada and Arjuna’s son Vabhruvahana about warfare. Ulupi also freed Arjuna after being cursed by Brahma-son after killing his guru Bhishma Pitamah in the Mahabharata war.



In fact, once Arjuna had violated the marriage rules after seeing Yudhishthira and Draupadi in solitude, due to which he voluntarily left Indraprastha by accepting a pilgrimage for a year. One day he was taking a bath in Haridwar when Nagkanya Ulupi, daughter of Nagraj Kauravya saw him and she was fascinated by him. In such a situation, she dragged them to her Nagaloka and on her request, Arjuna had to marry her.



Arjuna spent that night in Nagraj’s house. Then at sunrise, Arjuna, accompanied by Ulupi, rose up from Nagaloka and again came to Haridwar (Gangadwar) on the banks of the Ganges. Ulupi left them there and returned to her home again. While leaving, he gave this boon to Arjuna that you will be invincible everywhere in the water and all the aquatics will be under your control.



Arjuna got a brave son from the union of Arjuna and Nagakanya Ulupi, who was named Irawan. In the 90th chapter of Bhishma Parva, Sanjay, while introducing Iravan to Dhritarashtra, tells that Iravan was born by Arjuna from the womb of Ulupi, daughter of Nagraj Kaurvya. That daughter of Nagraj Ulupi was childless. Her nominated husband was killed by Garuda, making her extremely humbled and pathetic. 

Airavatvanshi Kauravya Nag offered it to Arjuna and Arjuna accepted that Nagkanya as Bharya. Thus the son of Arjuna was born. Iravan always lived in the matrikul. He was brought up in Nagalok by Mata Ulupi and was protected there in every way. Like his father Arjuna, Iravan was also handsome, strong, virtuous, and truly mighty.


8. Love story of Karna and Draupadi: Although this story is based on belief. It is said that Draupadi was in love with Maharathi Karna and Karna also liked Draupadi. Karna also went to Swayamvar. King Drapuda was opposed to Bhishma and Karna was in favor of Bhishma. 

King Drupada had already told Draupadi that Karna is a cotton son and if you liked him, you would be recognized as the wife of a slave for the rest of your life. Desperate Draupadi, taking a difficult decision in the swayamvar, humiliated Karna by calling Karna a cotton son in a meeting. Still, during the chirharan, Draupadi expected from Karna but Karna, remembering his humiliation, did not help Draupadi there. 

Later when Bhishma Pitamah was lying on his death bed, Karna told him that he wanted Draupadi. Draupadi also heard this and for the first time, Draupadi also came to know that Karna also loves me.




9. Radha and Krishna: Krishna’s love for Radha has been controversial. Radha is mentioned in Padma Purana and Brahmavaivarta Purana. According to Padma Purana, Radha was the daughter of a gopi named Vrishabhanu. 

Vrishabhanu was a Vaishya. According to Brahmavaivarta Purana, Radha was a friend of Krishna and she was married to a person named Rapan, Rayana, or Ayanghosha. Barsana was the abode of Radha’s father Vrishabhanu. Just 4 miles from Barsane is Nandgaon, where Lord Krishna’s stepfather Nandji had a house. 

There is so much fanfare here on the day of Holi that both the villages become one. Nandgaon Toli comes from Barsane and also goes to Toli from Nandgaon.


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Some scholars believe that Radhaji was born in Rawal village near the Yamuna and later her father settled in Barsana. But most believe that he was born in Barsana. The world-famous temple of Radharani is situated on the hill of Barsana village. 

Radha is called ‘Ladli’ in Barsana. Two hills meet near Barsana village. Their valley is very little wide. It is believed that the gopis used to go to sell curd and butter on this route. It was here that sometimes Krishna used to snatch his pot of butter.

It is said that Radha’s first meeting with Krishna took place between Nandgaon and Barsane. After seeing each other, both of them naturally got attracted to each other. It is believed that the love of Radha-Krishna started from here. Today there is a temple at this place. This is called the signal space.



Vrindavan is 14 km away from Mathura. Vishnu Purana also describes the pastimes of Krishna in Vrindavan. Here Krishna had suppressed Kaliya. It is believed that it is here that the couple used to bathe at a ghat where Lord Krishna and Radha used to.

 It was here that Shri Krishna and the Gopis used to play a game of eye-catching. It was here that Shri Krishna and all his friends and associates used to organize a dance festival on Rasleela i.e. Teej-festivals. Because of Krishna’s mischief, he is called Banke Bihari. The poets of Bhaktikal have written poems about the short time that Krishna had spent in Nandgaon and Vrindavan. 

How much truth is there in them? According to Brahmavaivarta Purana Prakriti Khand Chapter 48, Radha was the wife (married) of Krishna, who got married by Brahma. According to Prakriti Khand Adhyay 49 Shlok 35, 36, 37, 40, 47 of this Purana, Radha was the maternal aunt of Shri Krishna, Because he was married to Krishna’s mother Yashoda’s brother Rayana. 

Although there are many such verses from which it is not clear how true the love story of Radha Krishna is. But it is true that the few months spent in childhood with Radha in Bhaktikal and Ritikaal were glorified so much that when that chanting changed from Rukmani-Sri Krishna to Radha-Krishna it was not even known. Radhe Radhe.



10. King Dushyanta and Shakuntala: This famous story is found in Mahabharata. King Dushyanta of Puruvansh and Bharata, son of Shakuntala, are counted among the 16 best kings mentioned in ‘Mahabharata’. 

According to an account of Kalidasa’s great Sanskrit text ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’, Bharatvarsha was named after Bharata, the son of King Dushyanta and his wife Shakuntala. It was by the grace of the Marudgans that Bharata got a son named Bharadwaja. Bharadwaj was a great sage. The Charita of Chakravarti King Bharat is also mentioned in the Adiparva of Mahabharata.



One day King Dushyanta saw Shakuntala in the ashram of Kanva Rishi in the forest and he was fascinated by her. Shakuntala was the child of Vishwamitra and Maneka. Both of them married Gandharva and started living in the forest. After talking about good days with Shakuntala, the king again went to his kingdom and promised Shakuntala to take her back.

 They left with a ring as their sign. One day Sage Durvasa came to Shakuntala’s ashram. If Shakuntala did not give him proper hospitality, he cursed that whatever you are remembering, he will forget you. The pregnant Shakuntala apologizes to the sage for her actions. Rishi’s heart melted. He said that if you tell him any sign, he will remember.



Shakuntala left to meet the king. On the way, that ring fell in a pond. Which the fish took out. Shakuntala reached the Raj Bhavan but King Dushyanta refused to recognize her. Due to the insult of Shakuntala by King Dushyanta, lightning flashed in the sky and Shakuntala’s mother Maneka took him away.



On the other hand, that fish came in the net of a fisherman, from whose stomach that ring came out. Considering that ring was valuable, the fisherman presented it to King Dushyant. When King Dushyanta saw that ring, he remembered everything. Maharaj Dushyant was very sorry.

 After some time, on the invitation of Indra Dev, King Dushyant went to the city of Amaravati to fight with the gods. After the war, he was returning from the sky road when he saw a beautiful boy playing in the ashram of Rishi Kashyap on the way. Maneka had left Shakuntala in the ashram of Rishi Kashyap. That child was the son of Shakuntala.



When King Dushyant saw that child, seeing him, love arose in his heart, as soon as he stood up to take that child in his lap, Shakuntala’s friends warned that Rajan, if you touch this child, then a black string tied in His arm He will bite you like a snake. The king did not heed this warning and took the boy in his arms.

 But as soon as the boy was picked up, the black string tied in his arm broke, which was a sign of his father. When Shakuntala’s friend told the whole thing to Shakuntala, she came running to King Dushyant. King Dushyanta also recognized Shakuntala and apologized for his actions and took both of them to his kingdom. Maharaj Dushyant and Shakuntala named the child Bharata, who later became a great majestic emperor.

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