What will happen if all the glaciers in the Himalayas melt?

What will happen if all the glaciers in the Himalayas melt?

What will happen if all the glaciers in the Himalayas melt?

The Himalayan Glaciers

After the devastation caused by the breakup of Chorabari Glacier in Kedardham, Uttarakhand, we recently saw the devastation caused by the breakup of Chamoli Glacier. According to experts researching glaciers, there are more than a thousand glaciers in this part of the Himalayas itself. 

Experts believe that due to the temperature rise, huge icebergs have broken due to which a huge amount of water has come out of them. Why is the temperature rising?



Global greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide emissions are causing the temperature to rise. Sea, forests, and glaciers, three together prevent 90 percent of the earth’s heat, but also play an important role in keeping the earth’s ‘weather’ and ‘climate’ fit for life. 

In the last few years, due to markets, imperialism, and population explosion, all three have suffered rapidly, due to which global warming has started but it is not visible to anyone.

Once again the attention of the world has been drawn to the climate change caused by global warming and the rapid melting of glaciers. A study was conducted by the United Nations Environment Program on Himalayan glaciers.

 This study clearly warned that due to global warming, 15,000 glaciers (glaciers) and 9,000 glaciers (glacier lakes) in the Himalayan region would end half the year by 2050 and most of the year by 2100. This has also been confirmed by the Indian Space Research Organization.


If the Himalayas and other glaciers of the earth keep melting due to temperature, then our earth will get absorbed in the sea. The climate of the earth is changing due to global warming. All this is happening due to pollution (greenhouse gases).

 There are many types of pollution. Due to the smoke from our vehicles, smoke from coal plants, smoke from factories, and many other reasons, the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is increasing, due to which the temperature of the earth increases by more than one degree. and the amount of oxygen is decreasing.


In the first 100 or 200 years, if there was an increase in temperature by one Celsius, then it was classified as global warming. But in the last 100 years, there has been an increase of 0.4 Celsius so far, which is very dangerous. Although global warming is a broad topic, it is understood only by understanding here that what is the main reason.


Naturally, it can take thousands of years for the Earth’s climate to become one degree colder or warmer. The changes in the Earth’s climate during the ice age cycle are due to volcanic activity, such as changes in forest life, changes in the radiation of the sun, and other natural changes, all these are the climatic cycles of nature, but in the last years human. Due to the increase in activities, this change has been seen which is dangerous for human existence.



Due to this global warming, while the crisis of drinking water will deepen, there will be a rapid change in the weather and due to the temperature rise, it will take the heat even on the cold days. So one can imagine how dangerous it would be.


 What Is The effect Of population In Himalayan Glaciers

The population of the earth has crossed about 7 billion. In such a situation, exploitation of natural resources is destroying the earth. A few years ago, GEO-4 had warned that if natural resources continue to be exploited in the name of economic development, then in the coming 150 years, due to climate change, the environment of the earth will not be suitable for any living being and human.


Coal and diamonds are extracted from the mine thousands of feet below. Due to the practice of boring, holes have been made in the earth from place to place. Forests and mountains are being cut fast. Fields are being turned into blacks. Rivers have been polluted and excavation work is going on under the sea as well. Garbage has also been spread in space. 

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Possibility of Life On Mars 


There is already a crisis on the ozone layer, due to gas emissions and carbon dioxide, the temperature of the earth is increasing. Due to all the above reasons, the number of storms and earthquakes has increased. The weather has completely changed, there is more rain and there is a drought somewhere. Nature is repeatedly warning humans by showing its wrathful form, but humans have continued all kinds of atrocities on the earth.

 What Scientists Say About Himalayan Glaciers

When scientists collected the past and present data and entered it into the computer, when they wanted to know the condition of the earth after thirty years, they came to know that the temperature of the earth has increased by a whole degree. The rate of melting of Himalayan glaciers is increasing, the sea level is rising by 1.5 mm per year and the Amazon rain forest is set to end rapidly.


Facebook New Name: Why Facebook changed the name, know Zuckerberg’s big plan through Meta

 Facebook New Name: Why Facebook changed the name, know Zuckerberg’s big plan through Meta.


Facebook New Name: Why Facebook changed the name, know Zuckerberg's big plan through Meta

Facebook New Name Meta: As expected, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced to change the name of Facebook at the Connect conference. The new name of the company will be META. On this occasion, Zuckerberg has also launched the logo of Meta. Which is in blue color only. 

Now the question arises that when Zuckerberg has a big brand like Facebook and social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram with it, why did he need to change his name. In fact, the answer to Zuckerberg’s new move lies in the question itself. 

Zuckerberg and his team are now looking to rapidly move on to the new world of the Internet. In such a situation, he does not want to identify his company only as a social media platform. That’s why the name of the company has been changed to Meta. Which is a Greek word. Which means beyond the present time.

What does Zuckerberg want to do?


During the Connect conference, Zuckerberg said of the reason for the name change, “Right now, our brand is so strongly tied to one product that it probably doesn’t represent everything we are doing today, so the future I would be far from doing so. Over time, I hope that we will be seen as a metaverse company and I want to link my work and my identity to what we are doing.


Zuckerberg further elaborated in his letter that in recent decades, technology has given people the power to express themselves more naturally. When I started Facebook, we used to type text on most websites. When we got phones with cameras, the internet became more visual and mobile. 

As internet speeds got faster, the video became a better way to share experiences. We have moved from desktop to web and then to mobile. From text to photo to video. But this is not the end. The next platform will be very different. One such internet platform is what we call the metaverse.


So what is the Metaverse


The metaverse that Zuckerberg is talking about will be a world of virtual worlds, where people will experience the real world using virtual reality. It can be explained in such a way that you will be able to shop from any shop sitting at your home. Meaning such a virtual world will be created in front of you, that you will feel that you have actually come to the shop after shopping.

 But in reality, you will be at your home. That is, the metaverse will be such a world of the Internet, where people sitting hundreds of kilometers away will also feel the touch. Meaning the feeling of distance will be completely gone.


How the world will change by Facebook


Facebook has explained the Metaverse in its blog, writing, through the Metaverse, you will be able to roam, work, play, learn, shop, and much more with friends sitting far away. It’s more about making the time you spend in the online world more meaningful than about spending more time online.


In the Metaverse, you’ll be able to get into the office without traveling, attending concerts with friends, and talking to your parents from a distance. It doesn’t matter from what distance you are doing all this.


When can the metaverse come


The Metaverse will be the new world of virtual reality. Which will be a completely 3D world of the Internet. It will take time to make it completely user-friendly. There will be participation from software, hardware to banking, telecom companies, etc. Which will create a complete ecosystem for this. Only after that, it will be usable. Zuckerberg has announced an investment of $150 million on training to invest in Metaverse technology to coincide with the company’s renaming.


Privacy will become an issue


Zuckerberg realizes that Metaverse will raise data privacy concerns. That’s why the company has written in its blog how we can build technology keeping in mind the privacy and security of data while reducing the amount of data used. Also working on giving people transparency and control over their data. 

This question will arise because, in today’s 4G world, data privacy has become a big issue from social media, the use of WhatsApp to financial transactions, etc. In the metaverse, tech companies will be more intrusive into your life. Then questions will arise. Well, Facebook and other companies will have to answer this.

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Know what is North pole and South Pole

 Know what is the North Pole and the South Pole


Know what is North and South Pole

Although many people must have known about the North Pole and the South Pole, here is brief information for those who do not know. In English, the North Pole is called the North Pole and the South Pole is called the South Pole. It is the two ends of the earth.


About 6 months day and 6 months night stays at both the poles. The Sun rises in the North Pole around 22 March and remains here for 6 months and on the contrary, the night remains for 6 months at the South Pole. Then by September 23, the South Pole comes in front of the Sun and the Sun rises here for 6 months, then there is a day for 6 months and on the contrary, it remains night for 6 months at the North Pole.



– Whichever country or its borders are with the North or South Pole, there is usually the same amount of time day and night. The countries located in the North Pole are Canada, Greenland, Russia, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, while the Antarctic continent located in the South Pole does not have any type of population.


The magnetic north and south poles are where the compass points. The North and South poles are the poles at which the Earth rotates. That’s what people see on a globe.


The North Pole Factor :

  • 1. North Pole Our earth is the farthest northern point where the earth keeps rotating on its axis. It lies in the Arctic Ocean and experiences extreme winters. The ocean around this pole is very cold and is always covered with a thick sheet of ice and mountains of ice float in the ocean. In the North Pole, the layer of ice on the sea is 2 to 3 meters thick.


  • 2 . The North Pole is less cold than the South Pole because it is located at sea level in the middle of the ocean. The temperature here in winter ranges from -43° to -26° and averages around -34°C. The average freezing point of temperature in summer is around 0°.


  • 3. From the North Pole you can always see the pole star clearly in the sky. The pole star is always visible in the north. For centuries, sailors have been guessing by looking at this star, how far they are in the north.


  • 4. The view of the midnight sun (midnight sun) and polar night (polar night) is also seen in the North Pole region.


  • 5. Can be stayed at the North Pole. Although very little vegetation is found here, many types of plankton are found in the ocean water. Apart from this, polar bears living on land and seals living on both sea and land are also found.

The South Pole Factor: 

  • 1. The continent lying on the South Pole in Antarctica. This is a very cold place. Living here is not a matter for anyone. Snowstorms keep going here.


  • 2. The South Pole is difficult to reach because it is located on a mountainous continent that is covered by a thick sheet of ice.

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  • 3. 2 percent of the South Pole is made up of rocks and 90 percent of the ice. Mosses and lichens are found on the rocks. A thick sheet of snow more than 9 thousand feet lies here. This is the reason why it is many times colder here than at the North Pole. The minimum temperature here is -89.2 degrees.


  • 4. The amphibian called penguin is found only at the South Pole. is found exclusively in the Antarctic.

Motorola is bringing a phone with Snapdragon 888 chipset for a 108MP camera and great speed.

 Motorola is bringing a phone with Snapdragon 888 chipset for a 108MP camera and great speed.

Motorola is bringing a phone with Snapdragon 888 chipset for a 108MP camera and great speed.

Motorola is working on a new smartphone, which is named Moto G200 and it will knock in the month of November. According to the leaked information, many good features and specifications will be available in this smartphone. According to the latest information, this smartphone can knock with a 108-megapixel camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. This smartphone can be launched in November.

Upgrade variant of Moto G100

This upcoming Motorola smartphone is an upgraded model of the Moto G100, which was launched in March this year. Moto G100 has a 6.7-inch FullHD+ display and 90hz refresh rate display, while talking about the processor, it has Snapdragon 870. The processor is available, while the quad-camera setup is present on the back panel.

Moto G200 will launch in November

But the Motorola Moto G200 smartphone, which will knock in November this year, will have a triple camera setup on the back panel, in which the primary camera will be a 108-megapixel sensor, which will help in clicking great pictures. There will also be a 13-megapixel camera on the front for selfies and video calling.

Game lovers will get a better experience with Moto G200

Also, this phone will get a refresh rate of 120hz, with the help of which the scrolling and gaming experience is better. Also, the Snapdragon 888 processor will be given in this phone, whose information has been received from the report of a leak. Let us tell you that this year the company has introduced many good smartphones so far, in which many smartphones have been launched in the segment of fewer than 20 thousand rupees.

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Moto G200 will be launched in China first

The Moto G200 will first be launched in China, which may also be named the Moto Edge S30. However, the company has not yet confirmed this information. However, information about when this smartphone will be launched in India has not been given, nor has Tipster shared this information.

jab main badal ban jau mp3 song download mr jatt

 jab main badal ban jau mp3 song download mr jatt

jab main badal ban jau mp3 song download mr jatt

Introduction jab main badal ban jau mp3 song download mr jatt

Jab Main Badal Ban Jau mp3 song download mr jatt is a song that has been sung by the great artist Mr.Payal Dev, Stebin Ben. The music of the song has been given by Payal Dev. This song’s lyrics are penned down by Kunaal Vermaa. The video is directed by Aditya Datt. 

Basic Details of  jab main badal ban jau mp3 song download mr jatt

Title: Baarish Ban Jaana

Album: Baarish Ban Jaana

Singer: Payal Dev, Stebin Ben

Category: Hindi Single

Duration: 3 Mins 20 Secs

Tags : Payal Dev,Stebin Ben

Song Genre: Latest Hindi Songs Download

Song Upload date: June 18, 2021

Lyrics of jab main badal ban jau mp3 song download mr jatt

Meri Kismaton Ko

Mile Haath Tere

Phir Se Lakeerein

Dikhne Lagi


Dekha Tumhe To

Aisa Laga Hai

Jaise Ye Aankhein

Dhadakne Lagi


Rahein Umr Bhar

Tu Meri Mai Tera


Jab Mai Baadal Bann Jaaun

Tum Bhi Baarish Bann Jaana

Jo Kam Pad Jaayein Saasein

Tu Mera Dil Ban Jana


Rimjhim Saawan Ki Boondein

Tu Har Mausam Barsana

Jo Kam Pad Jaayein Saasein

Tu Mera Dil Ban Jana




Mere Labon Se

Aaye Kabhi Bhi

Ho Naam Pehla Tera

Meri Zubaan Pe


Chaahe Zamaana

Mu Mod Le Par

Har Pal Tu Rehna Mera

Bas Ye Dua Hai


Banaa Lungi Main

Ab Tujhe Hi Khuda


Jab Mai Baadal Bann Jaaun

Tum Bhi Baarish Bann Jaana

Jo Kam Pad Jaayein Saasein

Tu Mera Dil Ban Jana


Rimjhim Saawan Ki Boondein

Tu Har Mausam Barsana

Jo Kam Pad Jaayein Saasein

Tu Mera Dil Ban Jana

 Jab Main Badal Ban Jau Tum Bhi Barish Ban Jana Mp3 Song Download From Origae with best quality mp3 files & download album Songs only on origae.com. This song Performed by Payal Dev, Stebin Ben Artist. The song title is Jab Main Badal Ban Jau Tum Bhi Barish Ban Jana Mp3 Song Download Released date of mp3 song June 18, 2021, and this sung Genre or song language is Latest Hindi Songs Download. Download mp3 Song in HD Quality 128kbps & 320kbps format. 

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Puranas say 10, Vedas say 64, and Science says there are 4 dimensions.

 Puranas say 10, Vedas say 64, and Science says there are 4 dimensions.


Puranas say 10, Vedas say 64, and Science says there are 4 dimensions

Your physics and mathematics in science dimension will only read about that dimension. According to string theory, the universe has 10 dimensions, according to M theory 11 and according to Bojonic theory, the universe has 26 dimensions. Dimension is called Dimension in English. We can relate dimension to direction. Come let’s know important information.


 Puranas say 10, Vedas say 64, and Science says there are 4 dimensions in-universe that are true.


1. Scientists say that there can be 10 dimensions in the universe but broadly our universe is three-dimensional. The first dimension is up and down, the second is right and left, the third is forward and backward. This is what is called 3D.




2. There is also a fourth dimension which is called time. You can feel the time moving forward. We can’t go back in this. Our entire universe is based on these four dimensions.

3. Basically the first dimension is a dot or zero, the second is back-and-forth, right-left, third up-down, the fourth time in which we are walking now. The rest of the dimension is the hypothesis that scientists have stated. There may be a fifth, sixth, seventh, or greater dimension in some other universe or the invisible universe.


According to Puranas:

1. According to the Puranas of Hinduism, there are three worlds. 2. Maharloka- ‘Maharlok’ is situated between the Krittak and the Akritak Lok, is massless. 3. Akritak Trailokya- After Kritaka and Maharlok, Jana, Tapa and Satya Lokya are called Akritak Lokya.


2. The rule of the above dimensions is applicable only to Krita Trailokya and not to other worlds. According to Hindu scriptures, Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Swaloka reside in our three-dimensional creation only.

The fourth dimension is that of time.


3. The fifth dimension is called the Brahma dimension. Brahma resides in this dimension. Many types of universes originate from this dimension. The time here is different. As we have said that one day of Brahma is equal to one Kalpa. This space is outside the four dimensions.

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 The New Dimension Rule

4. After this, Mahavishnu resides in the sixth dimension. Mahavishnu also has three parts – Karnadakasayi Vishnu, Garbhodakasayi Vishnu and Ksirodakasayi Vishnu.


5. In this, karnadakasayi i.e. Mahavishnu creates the elements, from which these 5 dimensions are created. This is called mahat and in whose stomach the whole universe is there and with each breath cycle the universe keeps on appearing and destroying.


6. Brahma is born from the second Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, who enters every universe and gives life to it, and from whose navel lotus Brahma was born. After that, the third is Ksirodakasayi Vishnu, who is merging in every element and atom of our creation, who in the form of God is present in the heart of every living being and every atom of the universe and maintains the creation.

7. When we meditate we feel Kasirodhakasya Vishnu. When we attain this knowledge, we come out of material illusion. This is how we feel God. One can feel these or this dimension when one is in the ultimate state of meditation.



8. After this comes the number of the seventh dimension which is called Satya dimension or Brahma Jyoti. Brahma is not the light of Brahma, just like the light of the sun. In this dimension is contained that elemental knowledge, with the help of which man goes into the category of deities.

9. After this there is the eighth dimension which is called Kailash. The physical form of Lord Shiva resides in this dimension. His task is to maintain the balance of these seven dimensions. That is why Siddha Yogis worship Lord Shiva because every Yogi wants to go there.



10. After that there is the ninth dimension which is called Vaikuntha in the Puranas. In this dimension resides Narayan, who keeps every dimension moving. To attain moksha means to be absorbed in this dimension. Every dimension is made of this. This dimension creates all the dimensions. After attaining salvation, every soul gets absorbed in the void and gets absorbed in this dimension.

11. Its number comes from the 10th dimension, which is said to be infinite. We told you in the fourth point above that from infinity, greatness, and greatness, darkness has arisen from the darkness. This infinite Supreme Being is the Supreme Lord i.e. Paramatma, Ishvara, or Brahman. The whole world has originated from this Brahman and the whole world including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva gets absorbed in this Brahman itself. It is pervasive everywhere even though it remains stable in the form of light in one place.


12. This is the eternal truth in which 64 types of dimensions are included according to the Vedas.

NASA’s Juno released a picture of Jupiter’s largest moon, know how many moons there are.

 NASA’s Juno released a picture of Jupiter’s largest moon, know how many moons there are



NASA's Juno released a picture of Jupiter's largest moon, know how many moons there are

The Juno spacecraft of the US space agency NASA has released the picture of the largest moon of Jupiter (Jupiter). It is being told that it is the largest moon in our solar system. Its name is Ganymede. The first two photos of NASA’s Juno on June 7, 2021, were obtained from a flyby of Jupiter’s giant moon Ganymede.



know how many moons there are?

1. The diameter of Ganymede is said to be 5,268 km, which is 8% larger than the planet Mercury. Its mass is also the largest of all the moons in the solar system and is 2.2 times that of Earth’s moon.


2. NASA’s Juno spacecraft visited Ganymede, the largest moon in the Solar System, swirling at a distance of about 1,000 km from the surface.


3. After two decades, that is, after almost 21 years, the Juno spacecraft has sent high-resolution pictures of the Moon to Earth.


4. The images that have emerged focus on several surface features, including images of craters and tectonics.


5. Photos taken with Jupiter orbiter’s JunoCam imager and Stellar Reference Unit STAR camera The moon’s craters, clearly distinct dark, and bright areas, and long structural features possibly linked to tectonic faults.


6. NASA said that the spacecraft has managed to cover almost the entire part of the Moon surrounded by water.


7. NASA scientists will now work to make a color photo of the Moon, which is bigger than the planet Mercury. Taking the photos, Juno’s Principal Investigator Scott Bolton said that this is the closest any spacecraft to this giant moon in a generation. 

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8. According to Greek mythology, the Juno spacecraft, named after Jupiter’s wife and goddess Juno, was launched by NASA in 2011, after which it reached the planet, Jupiter, in 2016. Since coming into orbit around Jupiter, the spacecraft has been trying to understand the origin and evolution of the planet through its dense cloud cover.


9. Jupiter planet or say Jupiter planet is the fifth largest planet in our solar system. In the solar system, the number of Jupiter comes after the size of the Sun. The diameter of this planet, located far away from the Earth, is about 1.5 lakh kilometers and its distance from the Sun is considered to be about 778000000 kilometers.


It is 13 km. It makes one revolution around the Sun in 11 years at the speed of one second per second. It rotates on its axis in only 10 hours. About 1300 earth can be placed on it. Just as the Sun rises and sets, Jupiter rises again after 30 days whenever it sets. 

After rising, it walks straight on its path for 128 days. After being on the right path, that is, it continues to revolve again for 128 days and after that, it sets again. The force of gravity is 318 times greater than that of Earth.


10. Our earth has only one moon but Jupiter has about 79 moons. The new moons that have been detected orbiting the planet Jupiter are relatively small in size. Jupiter, the fifth planet in the solar system, also has many giant moons.

 Among them, Ganymede, Ganymede, or Ganymede is the largest in the whole universe. Recently, American researchers have identified 12 moons, out of which the details of 10 have been given to NASA. Of Jupiter’s 79 moons, 26 are yet to be named. Of these, 9 moons are among the 10 recently discovered moons.


10 love 💓💓stories from Mahabharat that changed history

 10 love 💓💓stories from Mahabharat that changed history


10 love 💓💓stories from Mahabharat that changed history

There is a lot of screw about relationships in Mahabharata. On one side there is polyandry and on the other there is polyandry. Somewhere someone is being kidnapped and somewhere there is a forced marriage with someone. But in the midst of all these flowers of love have also blossomed. There are many love stories in Mahabharata, but we have brought for you only 10 such love stories, which led to war and changed history. 


1. Satyavati and Rishi Parashar: Satyavati was the daughter of a fisherman named Dhivar and she used to get people to the Yamuna by her boat. One day she was taking Rishi Parashar in her boat. Sage Parashar was attracted to her and expressed his desire to love her.

 Satyavati placed 3 conditions in front of the sage- 1. No one saw him doing this, Parashar made an artificial cover. 2. Her virginity should not be affected, so Parashar assured her that after the birth of the child her virginity would be the same as before. 3. She wanted her fishy stench to turn into a wonderful fragrance, Parashara created an atmosphere of fragrance around her. The great sage Ved Vyas was born because of the love of sage Satyavati and Parashara. 


2. Shantanu’s love for Satyavati: This Satyavati had married Shantanu. Had Shantanu not loved Satyavati, then the history of Mahabharata and Kuruvansh would have been different. Maharaja Shantanu got a son from Ganga whom he named Devavrat. Devvrat was declared the crown prince of Hastinapur. This Devavrat later came to be called Bhishma. 


One day Shantanu was walking on the banks of Yamuna when he saw a beautiful girl sailing in the river. Shantanu was infatuated with that girl. When he asked the girl her name, she said, ‘Maharaja my name is Satyavati and I am a Nishad girl.’ Shantanu started living in love with Satyavati. 

Satyavati also fell in love with the king. One day Shantanu proposed marriage to Satyavati in front of Satyavati’s father, but Satyavati’s father made a condition that the son born of my daughter would be the king of Hastinapur, only then I would give the hand of his daughter to you. 

Hearing this proposal, the king returned to his palace and began to be disturbed in the memory of Satyavati. When Bhishma came to know about this, he took an oath to be a lifelong celibate for the happiness of his father and got Satyavati married to his father. 


3. Love of Krishna and Rukmani: Shri Krishna loved many women. Everyone knows the love story of Radha-Krishna, but not that of Krishna and Rukmini. 

Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhishmaka of Vidarbha, had decided in her mind that she would not accept anyone other than Krishna as her husband. On the other hand, Shri Krishna also knew about this. But Rukma wanted his sister to be married to Chediraj Shishupala, the son of Krishna’s aunt. 


Rukma started preparations for the marriage by fixing her sister’s relationship with Krishna’s enemy Shishupala, despite the opposition of her parents. When Rukmini came to know about this, she was very sad, and then she sent a Brahmin to Dwarka Shri Krishna. Ultimately, Shri Krishna had to abduct Rukmini and marry her.



4. Love of Arjuna and Subhadra: Subhadra was the sister of Shri Krishna. Balarama wanted Subhadra to be married into the Kaurava clan. Due to the stubbornness of Balarama, Shri Krishna had got Subhadra abducted at the hands of Arjuna. Later Arjuna’s marriage with Subhadra was solemnized in Dwarka. 

After marriage, he lived in Dwarka for a year and spent the rest of the time in the Pushkar region. On the completion of 12 years, he returned to Indraprastha with Subhadra. When Subhadra met Draupadi at Indraprastha, she did not immediately tell about her marriage to Arjuna. But when they mixed up, Subhadra told the truth and Draupadi accepted it.



Similarly, Arjun had also loved Chitrangada, the princess of Manipur. When Arjuna visited Manipur, the kingdom of King Chitravahana, he saw Chitrangada on the banks of the Kaveri. She was so beautiful, Arjuna fell in love with her.

When he asked King Chitravahana for his hand, he placed a condition that his son should be brought to Manipur and he would have to take over the kingdom of Manipur. Arjun agreed. When Arjuna’s son Babruvahana was born, Arjuna left his wife and son to go to Indraprastha with his brothers. 

After the death of Chitravahana, Babruvahan became the king of Manipur. It is said that after the war of Mahabharata, Babruvahan defeated his father Arjuna in war.



Similarly, Arjun also had a love marriage with the snake girl Ulupi. Ulupi fell in love with Arjuna and she kidnapped Arjuna. Later he persuaded Arjuna to accompany him who was bound by the rules of celibacy and could not have a relationship with any other woman because of his relationship with Draupadi. In the end, he granted Arjuna a boon that no one could harm him in the water.



5. Love of Samba and Lakshmana: Jambavati was one of the 8 wives of Lord Krishna. Jambavati-Krishna’s son’s name was Samba. According to the Mahabharata, the heart of this samba fell on Duryodhana and Pandora’s daughter Lakshmana and they both fell in love. 

Duryodhana’s son’s name was Lakshmana and his daughter’s name was Lakshmana. Duryodhana did not want to marry his daughter to Krishna’s son. So one-day Samba married Lakshmana and started taking Lakshmana in his chariot to Dwarka. When the Kauravas came to know about this, the Kauravas came with their entire army to fight with Samba.



The Kauravas took Samba captive. After this, when Shri Krishna and Balram came to know, then Balram reached Hastinapur. Balarama requested the Kauravas to free Samba and send him away with Lakshmana, but the Kauravas did not listen to Balarama. In such a situation, Balarama’s anger was awakened.

 Then Balarama revealed his fierce form. He dragged the entire land of Hastinapur with his own plow and went on to drown it in the Ganges. Seeing this the Kauravas were frightened. There was an outcry in the whole of Hastinapur. Everyone apologizes to Balarama and then sends Samba away with Lakshmana. Later in Dwarka, the marriage of Samba and Lakshmana took place in the Vedic manner.



6. Hidimba and Bhima: The five Pandavas were sleeping in the forest one night after escaping from the Lakshagriha and Bhima was guarding. The forest in which he was sleeping belonged to the demon king Hidimba.

 His daughter’s name was Hidimba who was a male Bhansak. When she saw Bhima in the forest, she fell in love with him and changed her disguise, and proposed to marry Bhima. After much difficulties, both of them got married and both lived together for some time. When Bhima left her she gave birth to Ghatotkachha whom she took care of alone without any remorse.



7. Love of Arjun and Ulupi: The name of Arjuna’s fourth wife was Ulupi. It is said that Ulupi was a mermaid. He had given Arjuna the boon of being harmless in water. Apart from this, he taught Chitrangada and Arjuna’s son Vabhruvahana about warfare. Ulupi also freed Arjuna after being cursed by Brahma-son after killing his guru Bhishma Pitamah in the Mahabharata war.



In fact, once Arjuna had violated the marriage rules after seeing Yudhishthira and Draupadi in solitude, due to which he voluntarily left Indraprastha by accepting a pilgrimage for a year. One day he was taking a bath in Haridwar when Nagkanya Ulupi, daughter of Nagraj Kauravya saw him and she was fascinated by him. In such a situation, she dragged them to her Nagaloka and on her request, Arjuna had to marry her.



Arjuna spent that night in Nagraj’s house. Then at sunrise, Arjuna, accompanied by Ulupi, rose up from Nagaloka and again came to Haridwar (Gangadwar) on the banks of the Ganges. Ulupi left them there and returned to her home again. While leaving, he gave this boon to Arjuna that you will be invincible everywhere in the water and all the aquatics will be under your control.



Arjuna got a brave son from the union of Arjuna and Nagakanya Ulupi, who was named Irawan. In the 90th chapter of Bhishma Parva, Sanjay, while introducing Iravan to Dhritarashtra, tells that Iravan was born by Arjuna from the womb of Ulupi, daughter of Nagraj Kaurvya. That daughter of Nagraj Ulupi was childless. Her nominated husband was killed by Garuda, making her extremely humbled and pathetic. 

Airavatvanshi Kauravya Nag offered it to Arjuna and Arjuna accepted that Nagkanya as Bharya. Thus the son of Arjuna was born. Iravan always lived in the matrikul. He was brought up in Nagalok by Mata Ulupi and was protected there in every way. Like his father Arjuna, Iravan was also handsome, strong, virtuous, and truly mighty.


8. Love story of Karna and Draupadi: Although this story is based on belief. It is said that Draupadi was in love with Maharathi Karna and Karna also liked Draupadi. Karna also went to Swayamvar. King Drapuda was opposed to Bhishma and Karna was in favor of Bhishma. 

King Drupada had already told Draupadi that Karna is a cotton son and if you liked him, you would be recognized as the wife of a slave for the rest of your life. Desperate Draupadi, taking a difficult decision in the swayamvar, humiliated Karna by calling Karna a cotton son in a meeting. Still, during the chirharan, Draupadi expected from Karna but Karna, remembering his humiliation, did not help Draupadi there. 

Later when Bhishma Pitamah was lying on his death bed, Karna told him that he wanted Draupadi. Draupadi also heard this and for the first time, Draupadi also came to know that Karna also loves me.




9. Radha and Krishna: Krishna’s love for Radha has been controversial. Radha is mentioned in Padma Purana and Brahmavaivarta Purana. According to Padma Purana, Radha was the daughter of a gopi named Vrishabhanu. 

Vrishabhanu was a Vaishya. According to Brahmavaivarta Purana, Radha was a friend of Krishna and she was married to a person named Rapan, Rayana, or Ayanghosha. Barsana was the abode of Radha’s father Vrishabhanu. Just 4 miles from Barsane is Nandgaon, where Lord Krishna’s stepfather Nandji had a house. 

There is so much fanfare here on the day of Holi that both the villages become one. Nandgaon Toli comes from Barsane and also goes to Toli from Nandgaon.


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Some scholars believe that Radhaji was born in Rawal village near the Yamuna and later her father settled in Barsana. But most believe that he was born in Barsana. The world-famous temple of Radharani is situated on the hill of Barsana village. 

Radha is called ‘Ladli’ in Barsana. Two hills meet near Barsana village. Their valley is very little wide. It is believed that the gopis used to go to sell curd and butter on this route. It was here that sometimes Krishna used to snatch his pot of butter.

It is said that Radha’s first meeting with Krishna took place between Nandgaon and Barsane. After seeing each other, both of them naturally got attracted to each other. It is believed that the love of Radha-Krishna started from here. Today there is a temple at this place. This is called the signal space.



Vrindavan is 14 km away from Mathura. Vishnu Purana also describes the pastimes of Krishna in Vrindavan. Here Krishna had suppressed Kaliya. It is believed that it is here that the couple used to bathe at a ghat where Lord Krishna and Radha used to.

 It was here that Shri Krishna and the Gopis used to play a game of eye-catching. It was here that Shri Krishna and all his friends and associates used to organize a dance festival on Rasleela i.e. Teej-festivals. Because of Krishna’s mischief, he is called Banke Bihari. The poets of Bhaktikal have written poems about the short time that Krishna had spent in Nandgaon and Vrindavan. 

How much truth is there in them? According to Brahmavaivarta Purana Prakriti Khand Chapter 48, Radha was the wife (married) of Krishna, who got married by Brahma. According to Prakriti Khand Adhyay 49 Shlok 35, 36, 37, 40, 47 of this Purana, Radha was the maternal aunt of Shri Krishna, Because he was married to Krishna’s mother Yashoda’s brother Rayana. 

Although there are many such verses from which it is not clear how true the love story of Radha Krishna is. But it is true that the few months spent in childhood with Radha in Bhaktikal and Ritikaal were glorified so much that when that chanting changed from Rukmani-Sri Krishna to Radha-Krishna it was not even known. Radhe Radhe.



10. King Dushyanta and Shakuntala: This famous story is found in Mahabharata. King Dushyanta of Puruvansh and Bharata, son of Shakuntala, are counted among the 16 best kings mentioned in ‘Mahabharata’. 

According to an account of Kalidasa’s great Sanskrit text ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’, Bharatvarsha was named after Bharata, the son of King Dushyanta and his wife Shakuntala. It was by the grace of the Marudgans that Bharata got a son named Bharadwaja. Bharadwaj was a great sage. The Charita of Chakravarti King Bharat is also mentioned in the Adiparva of Mahabharata.



One day King Dushyanta saw Shakuntala in the ashram of Kanva Rishi in the forest and he was fascinated by her. Shakuntala was the child of Vishwamitra and Maneka. Both of them married Gandharva and started living in the forest. After talking about good days with Shakuntala, the king again went to his kingdom and promised Shakuntala to take her back.

 They left with a ring as their sign. One day Sage Durvasa came to Shakuntala’s ashram. If Shakuntala did not give him proper hospitality, he cursed that whatever you are remembering, he will forget you. The pregnant Shakuntala apologizes to the sage for her actions. Rishi’s heart melted. He said that if you tell him any sign, he will remember.



Shakuntala left to meet the king. On the way, that ring fell in a pond. Which the fish took out. Shakuntala reached the Raj Bhavan but King Dushyanta refused to recognize her. Due to the insult of Shakuntala by King Dushyanta, lightning flashed in the sky and Shakuntala’s mother Maneka took him away.



On the other hand, that fish came in the net of a fisherman, from whose stomach that ring came out. Considering that ring was valuable, the fisherman presented it to King Dushyant. When King Dushyanta saw that ring, he remembered everything. Maharaj Dushyant was very sorry.

 After some time, on the invitation of Indra Dev, King Dushyant went to the city of Amaravati to fight with the gods. After the war, he was returning from the sky road when he saw a beautiful boy playing in the ashram of Rishi Kashyap on the way. Maneka had left Shakuntala in the ashram of Rishi Kashyap. That child was the son of Shakuntala.



When King Dushyant saw that child, seeing him, love arose in his heart, as soon as he stood up to take that child in his lap, Shakuntala’s friends warned that Rajan, if you touch this child, then a black string tied in His arm He will bite you like a snake. The king did not heed this warning and took the boy in his arms.

 But as soon as the boy was picked up, the black string tied in his arm broke, which was a sign of his father. When Shakuntala’s friend told the whole thing to Shakuntala, she came running to King Dushyant. King Dushyanta also recognized Shakuntala and apologized for his actions and took both of them to his kingdom. Maharaj Dushyant and Shakuntala named the child Bharata, who later became a great majestic emperor.

Shri Krishna had to fight 💪💪with these relatives in Mahabharata.

 Shri Krishna had to fight with these relatives in Mahabharata.


Shri Krishna had to fight with these relatives in Mahabharata.


Lord Krishna had many enemies in the Mahabharata, out of which the biggest enemy was Jarasandha, the ruler of Magadha. Although we will tell here only about those people in brief, despite being the relative of Lord Shri Krishna, he was his staunch enemy.

Lord Krishna had many enemies in the Mahabharata 

1. Kansa’s maternal uncle:  Kansa was the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. He had himself become the king of Shursen district by removing his father Ugrasen from the post of the king. Kansa knew that the eighth son of my sister Devaki would be the cause of my death. 

This was the reason that he wanted to kill Lord Shri Krishna at any cost. Even after many efforts, when he could not kill the child Krishna, then according to the plan, Kansa invited Krishna and Balarama on the occasion of a function.


He wanted to kill Krishna there, but in that ceremony, Krishna grabbed Kansa by the hair, dragged him from his throne, threw him to the ground, and then killed him.

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 After killing Kansa, Devaki and Vasudeva were freed and they worshiped at the feet of their parents. But due to this one incident, Jarasandha became his staunch enemy, because Kansa was the Jamai of Jarasandha. It was because of Jarasandha that the war between Krishna and Kalayavan took place.


2. Shishupala: Shishupala was the son of Krishna’s aunt. When Shishupala was born, he had 3 eyes and 4 arms. He was crying like a donkey. Then there was a voice from Akash that the child would be very brave and the cause of his death would be the person on whose lap the child would give up his eye and two arms.

 Knowing about this Akashvani and his birth, many brave kings came to see him. Shishupala’s father gave the child in turn in the lap of all the heroes and kings.


In the end, as soon as Shishupala’s cousin went into the lap of Shri Krishna, his two arms fell to the earth and the frontal eye merged with the frontal. On this, the mother of the child was saddened and demanded from Shri Krishna to save his life. Shri Krishna said that I promise to forgive 100 of his crimes.


There were many reasons why Shishupala was an enemy. One of the reasons was that Shishupala wanted to marry Rukmani, the sister of his friend Rukma. But he cannot do this. Rukmani was married to Lord Krishna. Later on, Shishupala humiliated and abused Shri Krishna many times, but Shri Krishna forgave him every time.

 Finally, in a meeting when Shishupala committed the 100th crime, Shri Krishna severed his head with his Sudarshan. Shishupala had made a pact with Jarasandha to kill Shri Krishna. Together with Jarasandha, he had made many attacks on Shri Krishna.


3. Duryodhana: Lord Krishna’s son Samba married Duryodhana’s daughter by kidnapping Lakshmana. Duryodhana was the samadhi of Lord Krishna. There were many such occasions when Lord Krishna stopped Duryodhana from becoming empowered.

 Although Duryodhana, despite being an enemy of Shri Krishna, was friends with him. But he did not give as much importance to the friendship of Shri Krishna as to the friendship of Karna.



Duryodhana had committed three mistakes. The first is that he selected his Narayani army instead of Sri Krishna. Secondly, even after asking his mother lac, he went in front of her wearing a nappy made of tree leaves. 

Thirdly, the third and last mistake he had made was the mistake of going to war in the end. Had he gone earlier, he could have understood many things, and perhaps the lives of his brother and friends would have been saved. 

But Shri Krishna told Duryodhana that the main reason for your defeat was your unrighteous behavior and getting your own bride-to-be to be stripped. You wrote your destiny by your actions.’


4. Karna: Kunti’s son Karna was a great warrior who fought on the side of Kauravas. Kunti was the sister of Lord Krishna’s father Vasudeva and the aunt of Lord Krishna. Being the son of Kunti, Karna was the brother of Lord Krishna.

 It was because of Krishna that Karna had to donate his Kavach and Kundals to Indra. On the seventeenth day of the war, Shalya was made Karna’s charioteer. On that day a fierce battle takes place between Karna and Arjuna. 

During the battle, Shri Krishna takes his chariot to the side where there is a swamp nearby. Karna’s charioteer does not see this and a wheel of his chariot gets stuck in the swamp.




Karna tries to remove the stuck wheel of the chariot. To take advantage of this opportunity, Shri Krishna asks Arjuna to shoot arrows. Arjuna with great helplessness kills Karna in a helpless state. After this, the Kauravas lose their enthusiasm. 

Their morale breaks down. Then surgical chiefs are made commanders, but they too are killed by Yudhishthira at the end of the day. Shri Krishna had done many undertakings to save Arjuna.


5. Mitravanda: Vind and Anuvind were the kings of Avanti. His sister Mitravinda wanted to make Shri Krishna her husband in the swayamvara, but her brothers stopped her because they were the descendants and followers of Duryodhana.

 He wanted his sister to be married to Duryodhana only. Mitravind was the daughter of Shri Krishna’s aunt Rajadhi Devi. The sister of Rajyadhidevi was Kunti. This means that Mitravinda was the sister of Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna abducted Mitravinda in a gathering of kings. During this, Balarama and Shri Krishna had to fight with the brothers of Mitravanda.


6. Rukma: According to the Mahabharata, Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhishmak of Vidarbha, had five brothers – Rukma, Rukmaratha, Rukmabahu, Rukmakes, and Rukmini. 

Rukmini wanted to marry Sri Krishna but her brothers wanted her to marry Shishupala. Rukma was a close friend of Shishupala. Rukma wanted his sister to be married to Chediraj Shishupala.


Rukmini started preparations for marriage by fixing his sister’s relationship with Shishupal, despite the opposition of the parents. When Rukmini came to know about this, she was very sad. 

He sent a Brahmin to Dwarka Shri Krishna to express his determination. Ultimately, due to the opposition of Rukma and Shishupala, Shri Krishna had to abduct Rukmini and marry her. Shri Krishna also had to fight with Rukmi during this time.



Ashwathama: Whose son was Ashwatthama who survived alive in Mahabharata?

 Ashwathama: Whose son was Ashwatthama who survived alive in Mahabharata?


Ashwathama: Whose son was Ashwatthama who survived alive in Mahabharata?

Who was Ashwatthama?


Ashwatthama was born in the Mahabharata period i.e. Dwaparayuga. He was counted among the best warriors of that era. He was the son of Guru Dronacharya and the nephew of Rajguru Kripacharya of the Kuru dynasty.


Ashwatthama was born in the Mahabharata period i.e. Dwaparayuga. He was counted among the best warriors of that era. He was the son of Guru Dronacharya and the nephew of Rajguru Kripacharya of the Kuru dynasty.


It was Dronacharya who made Kauravas and Pandavas proficient in weaponry. During the war of Mahabharata, Guru Drona, due to allegiance to the kingdom of Hastinapur, considered it appropriate to support the Kauravas.

Like his father, Ashwatthama was also proficient in Shastra and weaponry. The Pandavas’ army was torn apart during the war of Mahabharata by the father-son duo. Seeing the Pandava army discouraged, Shri Krishna asked Yudhishthira to resort to diplomacy to kill Dronacharya.


Under this plan, it was spread on the battlefield that Ashwatthama had been killed. When Dronacharya wanted to know the truth of Ashwatthama’s death from Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, Yudhishthira replied that ‘Ashwathama Hato Naro VA kunjaro van (Ashwathama is killed, but I don’t know whether he was a male or an elephant).


Hearing this, Guru Drona’s son renounced his arms and sat on the battlefield, and taking advantage of that opportunity, Dhrishtadyumna, the son of the Panchala king Drupada killed him.


The death of his father disturbed Ashwatthama. After the Mahabharata war, when Ashwatthama killed the Pandava sons to avenge the death of his father and to kill the son of Abhimanyu, Parikshit, who was born in Uttara’s womb, for the complete destruction of the Pandava dynasty, then Lord Shri Krishna After protecting Parikshit, he took out the gem on Ashwatthama’s forehead as a punishment, made him sharp and cursed him to wander for ages.

It is said that apart from Asirgarh, Ashwatthama also wanders on the banks of ‘Gaurighat’ (Narmada river) of Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh. According to local residents, sometimes they also ask for turmeric and oil to stop the bleeding from their forehead wounds.


The secret of Birth: Ashwatthama was born to Drona, the son of Bharadwaja Rishi. His mother was Kripi, the daughter of sage Sharadwan. The gotra of Dronacharya was Angira. Drona, who was doing penance, married Kripi on the orders of the ancestors to have children. Kripi was also very religious, gentle, and ascetic. Both were from wealthy families.

As soon as he was born, Ashwatthama uttered a ghastly word like Uchchaihshrava (Horse), which reverberated in all directions and in all directions. Then there was an Akashvani that the name of this special child would be Ashwatthama:-


Albhat Gautami Putramashvatthamanmev.

S Jat Matro Vyandad Yathaivochaih Shrava Hayah ..47.

तच्छुत्वान्तर्हितं भूतमंतरिक्षस्थमब्रवीत्।

Ashwasyavasya yatham nadah pradisho gatam..48.

Asvathamaiva Baltoyam Tasmannamna Bhavishyati.

Suten ten supreto bhardwajstatobhavat..49.

Drona’s life changed: After the birth of Ashwatthama, Drona’s financial condition deteriorated. There was nothing left to eat in the house. Poverty came. To overcome this poverty, Drona went to Parashuramji’s ashram to get an education.

When Drona returned from the ashram, there was not even a cow in the house. Seeing the other Rishi Kumars drinking milk, Ashwatthama used to cry for milk, and one day Drona saw that Rishi Kumar had made rice flour solution and gave it to Ashwatthama and the innocent child (Ashwathama) was getting happy saying ‘I drank milk’. Is. Seeing this, Drona felt ashamed of himself.

From this, it is proved that Ashwatthama spent his childhood eating and drinking like this. There was not even milk for them to drink at home. But when he lived among his friends, he used to tell lies that I took the milk.


Insult of father: When the father saw this condition of the child Ashwatthama, he considered himself guilty of it and wandered from place to place for arranging a cow for him, but he did not find any cow in charity. In the end, he thought why not go to his childhood friend King Drupada.

He reached the court of King Drupada with his son Ashwatthama. In the court of King Drupada, the child Ashwatthama had seen the contempt of the father and must have seen his helplessness and cruel irony that even the knower of weaponry is humiliated by the intoxicated person in power. What must have happened to Ashwathama’s child when his father was thrown out of there.


Ashwatthama became teacher and king: Drona came from Panchala kingdom to Hastinapur in Kuru kingdom with Ashwatthama and there he started teaching bow and arrow to Kuru Kumars. There he used to teach Kripa Shastra. Ashwatthama also started helping his father in this work. He also taught arrow learning to the Kurus.

Later Drona became the teacher of Kauravas. He taught Arjuna etc. including Duryodhana. Showing generosity towards Acharya, the Pandavas snatched the kingdom of Drupada from him in Guru Dakshina. Later Drona returned half of the kingdom to Drupada and half to Ashwatthama. Taking half the kingdom of Uttara Panchala, Ashwatthama became the king there and he made Ahichchhatra the capital of his kingdom.

Now Drona was the best teacher in India. In the Kuru kingdom, he had full respect from Bhishma, Dhritarashtra, Vidura, etc., so the days of scarcity were gone.


Ashwatthama is well versed in all disciplines: Ashwatthama was made gold by burning in the fire of struggle for life. He received the knowledge of Dhanurveda from the great father Dronacharya. Drona had told all the secrets of Dhanurveda to Ashwatthama. 

He had perfected all Divyastra, Agneya, Varunastra, Parjanyastra, Vayavyastra, Brahmastra, Narayanastra, Brahmashir, etc. He also became an archer of the rank of Drona, Bhishma, and Parashurama. Kripa, Arjuna, and Karna were also not superior to him. Narayanastra was one such weapon


Whose knowledge was not known to any other warrior of Mahabharata except Drona? It was a terrible weapon.

No one had any doubts about Ashwatthama’s brahmtej, valor, patience, titiksha, weaponry, ethics, intelligence. The masters of both sides were aware of his power. All the prominent people of the Mahabharata period were admirers of Ashwatthama’s strength, intelligence, and modesty.

 Bhishma, while counting the chariots and attendees, praises King Duryodhana about Ashwatthama about him, but he also tells the demerits of Ashwatthama. There was no other fearless warrior like him on the Kaurava side.

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